The Horse…

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It’s been hard for me to get back on the horse of sewing and blogging after an amazing vacation in Florida and the Bahamas in mid February. I did manage to get on Modern Color Mario done and shipped off, plus the top of a Princess Peach, but I still have that to get quilted and another Mario to get done.

I feel little behind the eight-ball, and even though the bitter cold temps outside are keeping me indoors, I am just wanting to curl up in a quilt and hibernate.

I digress, however, and I press on. Back to quilting.

Latest Finish

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I finished this little gem yesterday while watching the snow fall pile up yesterday. This was going to be my doll quilt for this month’s swap, but I like it WAY too much to give it away. :) So I will keep them and display them in February. Maybe longer… I think the little pair are irresistible and I am thinking of using this pattern for wedding gifts in the future. Imagine Sue in a white dress with the bride’s colors as accents standing with Bill in his black “dress-up” overalls. Almost too cute not to let out a little squee… Right?!?

I might start with my own wedding colors as a trial run.

I’m off to see what quilty trouble I’m going to be getting into today! :)

Zen and the Art of Hand Sewing

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I have found the zen in hand stitching lately. I guess this story starts a long time ago… As long as I can remember, I have much hated hand-work. I don’t even put buttons on by hand. I have tried machine tacking bindings down, and they have turned out miserably. Missing here, straying out of the ditch there, etc, etc. I started hand tacking bindings about 3 years ago when I made my mom’s quilt. I wasn’t any good at it and my stitches were chunky, clunky and showing. About 3 years ago I saw a great tutorial on hidden stitches and have been getting better and better at it.

As I was tacking down the binding on my niece’s quilt earlier in the month, my husband asked me if i could do that on my machine… Wouldn’t it save time? I immediately answered that I couldn’t do it right, but then remembered I have learned some really great techniques to machine turn binding. The God’s honest truth is that I much prefer the hidden stitches and clean finish, but I also like to do the hand stitching now… Woah.

With that said, I have three little finishes today. My first was some repair work. My perpetual puppy likes to rip apart anything stuffed, and she got ahold of my husband’s Batman Sock Monkey.

Once he was sufficiently doctored, I had to close some pillows that I made a LONG time ago and found a couple of weeks ago in my office clean-out.

20140130-125753.jpg They are finally stuffed and closed, and on my husband’s Beatle’s den.

My other finish was turning the bindings on 3 little mug rugs for the nurses at my husband’s Cardiac Rehab program. I think they need a little something to remember us by :) He is graduating right around Valentine’s Day, so I felt these little patchwork hearts were appropriate on many levels.


All in all, a pretty productive day, and a great discovery of the zen of hand sewing.

Pics of January DQS

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My partner got her quilt, so I wanted to post a quick shot of it. I like how it turned out, and my partner loved it, that’s all that matters.


DQS for January

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Is finished, but not out the door yet, I hope that my partner likes it! I think it turned out very cute. Our theme was yo try something new, so I tried some miniature piecing as well as a different color scheme than I would typically use. Since my partner has my blog address, I am only going to post a peek of the back, for now.


Finish #2

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For the year, even though I have been working on it since last January… Yikes!

Here is the 3rd Birthday quilt for my niece, Ava. It’s going to arrive about 2 weeks late, ugh, but that just extends the birthday, right… That’s not a bad thing!


The tag:


The back fabric:


All in all, I am super pleased with the results! I think it is one of my best to date! I hope she loves it for many years to come..

The Swing

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I feel like after a crazy end of the year, I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I have two big finishes to report on today.

First is the Christmas Table runner for my Doll Quilt swap from November… I know, so grossly tardy. I like the way it came out, I like the white binding, that is the first time that I have done that…

The bigger deal was the cleaning, rearranging and decluttering of my studio. I have been making my way through the house simplifying: cutting back on mess; cutting back on stress. My office was the second to last room to go. My husbands office is the only thing that remains. It all started with my installation of a pegboard.


Once that was up, I had to do some furniture rearrangement…


Then I dove into the closet and finally, after 2 days, got everything back in order.



My photo bombing dogs and I are both very pleased with the way it turned out. The space is so much less stuffed, and I think a lot more functional. Now I have a BUNCH of sewing to do!

One final thought: I have made a resolution this year. To write down and take a picture of every quilt I finish this year. Part of the purpose of the rearrange was so that I could get to the tack wall to hang quilts to photograph. Be looking for some pics coming soon!

Happy Stitching!


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