It Feels Good!

I finally have the Great Fabric Reorg done! I got my new shelves from a moving sale at a local clothing retail store and we had an extra bureau out on our sun porch, so voila!


My husband says I have a mini fabric store already and am at capacity. Ok. Yes, there is a lot of fabric, but… It’s all really good stuff. :) So far only some is organized. (Solids, seasonal, juvenile, sewing notions). The top row is geometrics and florals then a couple of collections.

I have all of my fat quarters in two drawers.


As you can see it is not organized in any way. But it is put away. No more will my bratty dog (who just turned 4 and shouldn’t be acting like a puppy anymore, but alas…) won’t be pulling them off of shelves and running off.

My closet still needs a little attention, but other than that, I am done! It feels pretty good to have finally gotten here. Tomorrow, more quilts!

Has it really been that long?

Well, at least I have been busy quilting. I have been on a mission to finish all of my UFOs so that I can move on to some more fun stuff. šŸ˜„

I totally spaced on taking my doll quilt this month, it took me a while to figure out the “school Days” theme, but I finally stitched myself a piece of lined notebook paper and then decorated with Sharpie which I love, btw. And a doll quilt was born.

Yesterday I finished my nephew’s third birthday quilt. I don’t love it, but it’s pretty cute and really heavy and warm. Even if I don’t love it, it is still going to be functional.


I also finished a project that has been on my UFOs for about 2 years. I committed to donating a quilt in my uncle’s honor when he passed away. I finished the top in a timely fashion, but couldn’t bring myself to finish the quilt. I think I wasn’t really ready to let it go yet. I kept showing it to people in hopes of shaming myself to finish it up, but it was not to be until today. I got it basted, quilted and bound. Now it just needs a label, and it is off to the cancer center. I feel terrible that it took me so long, but I am glad to have it finished up. And much more glad to have it off my to-do list!


This oldie may has been around longest of all my UFOs. I never had any specific purpose in mind for it, and I could never decide if I wanted it larger or just the size it is. I also wasn’t totally in love with the prints in it, so it sat for a LONG TIME. I am in charge
of collecting charity quilts this year for my guild and we so far have only the two I made, so I wanted to finish it to donate. I quilted it with a bunch of straight lines, and decided I couldn’t live without it, so I am keeping it.


My finished top count which was 8 when I started this push is now down to 2, which really excites me. One is a keeper, one is for donation. My other big project, the great fabric re-org, may be finally winding down. I have found some shelving to house my comic book card wrapped mini-bolts. A clothing store down the street from me is moving so they are selling fixtures. I bought one for the rock bottom price of $20! So happy. Now I just have to get them home. šŸ˜›

In other news I got rear-ended in my car on the way to a doctors appointment last week, so I am going crazy waiting on the insurance to get it fixed.

Plain and Fancy II

I got my fourth block in my Plain and Fancy quilt done yesterday. I am loving the way my blocks are coming together! I started the BOM 5 months behind and am at least 2 blocks ahead of some of the ladies at the shop I am doing it through.


Also, I am starting on a great fabric reorganization. I am a little nervous, there is a lot to do, but my stash has outgrown my current system (yardage on hangers in my studio closet, FQs in a shelf of my bookcase, scraps sorted by color in plastic shoe boxes). In every case, there is far too much fabric to be contained. I now have piles and piles of yardage that won’t fit on the hangers (which I am now out of…), plus two big totes, one of shop fabric, one of fabric for charity quilts.

So I ordered 300 Silver era comic book boards and am going with mini bolts for yardage, minier bolts for FQs, and hopefully at that point I will figure out something to do with scraps :). I want some sort of hutch/shelving for mini bolt storage, but will wait to see what I want when I see how many mini bolts I have. :)

For me, it has been a struggle to keep my studio closet organized, maybe I can get somewhere when I get the yardage out of there. And if I’m super lucky, I want to try to fit a bigger cutting table in my studio. That however, seems unlikely. :)

My book boards arrive today, wish me luck.

Winter is set

I got my two winter rows completed in the Row by Row Experience.


And today I made yeast rolls using the Texas Roadhouse knockoff recipe I found on Pinterest. So yummy.


One last thing: after doing the MQG webinar presented by its founder, I joined up with the ladies and gents on the Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. I am in day 2. I want to try to get it done every day for at least a month.

My Groove

So I got back into my groove this weekend, I finished 3 quilts. My first was my “Hedgehogs in the City” quilt. The kit I bought back in May when I was in Illinois with my mom. This quilt, I believe will be going into my collection. I love the little hedgehogs. :)


The second quilt I finished is my Zombie Apocalypse Crib quilt, using the Riley Blake fabric collection of the same name. This quilt is up in my Etsy Shop if it doesn’t sell, I might keep it for myself. ;)


The final quilt is a donation quilt for my local VNA through my quilt guild. It’s the same pattern as the Zombie Apocalypse quilt, but with much different fabrics. The fabrics were donated to my guild, we made up kits for tops. I took 2, this is the first to be completed.


Here’s hoping my roll continues. :) I have 2 other quilts basted, ready to quilt, and the bindings made. I am trying to whittle down my UFO stash. :)

Catch up

How about a catch up? Well…. When I last posted, I was starting the row by row experience on vacation in Georgia. Well, the vacation ended in dramatic shambles. Since getting home I have been working myself back into the groove, completing an order and two doll quilts. The first one, I forgot to take a picture of. The second one, our theme was “Mellow Yellow.” I decided to go with a lemon theme. Here’s what I came up with:


I think it’s cute and I am psyched to send it off.

A new order came in last night, so a Princess Peach is on the books for me to work on, I am still working on my Row by Row Experience, I have about 7 tops to get quilted. I have also started the top for my nephew’s 3rd birthday in September.

My plate is full, but in a good way. So here’s to a full plate.