Secret Quilt Pic

IMG_0088I got a picture of my secret quilt today!  My niece was nice enough to help my hubby hold it up out on the patio this afternoon.

The quilt is the logo for a rather obscure Progressive Rock band called Spock’s Beard, my husband has been a fan for many many years, I have been a fan for a couple of years now.  Their music took more than a few listenings for me to really wrap my mind around it, but it’s worked its way into my brain now, and I am a fan.

Anyway, even if it’s not your bag, I think the quilt is still pretty cool graphically. :)


Do you Frivol?

IMG_2908The other day, my first Moda Frivol arrived!  I am in love with the little tin, and I have really, only briefly perused the contents.  I have to say, though, I love the fabric selection, and I love the modern little pattern that comes with this month’s Bonnie & Camille “Hello, Darling”.  There is also some darling ribbon that says “Handmade” and “Made with Love” that would be cute little tags to tuck into the binding of a quilt.  The tin also contains the fabric and pattern, and a cool card (ala the Moda Modern Building Blocks Patterns (that reminds me, work on Moda Modern Building Blocks), with a Nonsense block.

My Secret project is finished, and gifted, this weekend, I will get a picture snapped, my husband wants to put a picture up on Facebook.  Mostly the quilt came about as a design challenge to myself, that decided, yes, I wanted realized in fabric.  The design work, which I did on paper, then translated into EQ7 was very time consuming, and required a lot of iteration to get to where I felt it was “just right”.  I first started with tracing on graph paper, then I tweaked, then I tweaked again, then I put it in EQ7, then I tweaked again, but I think, in the end, it came out perfectly…  Even if you don’t understand, I think it’s still a really cool art piece.  Anyway…

Pics coming soon, hope all is well in your studio, and until next time…



Two Done, Few Pics

Well, I got two quilts finished finished this week.  One had been sitting binding unturned for a few months, the other I really just started last week.  It’s funny the projects that suck you in and you just have to start to finish, while others that you want to make, have been on your radar for months (or years) sit partially finished for a while.

The one I blazed through is my secret project (all can be revealed next week), it was all set, binding turned yesterday.  It really could stand a run through the wash, but I haven’t decided whether or not to do that as it is a gift for my husband, so it won’t be going anywhere, and can be washed anytime.

The long-timer was a wedding gift for mIMG_2697y husband’s cousin who got married in June (not bad, just 2 months after the wedding), it was all set to go binding on, just needing to be turned, I believe in early May, and I just never sat down and did it.  Well, today I did, and stuffed it in a box and sent it on its way. :)  I, of course, assumed that I already had pictures of it so I didn’t shoot the big “ta-da” shot…  grrr…  I am always doing that to myself.  But you can see other pics here and here.  Oh and here’s one that I didn’t blog before.  I can’t imagine why that rumpled mess wasn’t on the blog…;)  I also found an up close of the awesome variegated thread that I used for the quilting from Connecting Threads.  That’s the Featured Image, which doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to, but…

Anyway, that’s what I have been working on.  I am planning on basting and quilting my Baby Strip Race and I have a TON of quilts in the closet that need to be quilted as well.  (Ok, a ton is hyperbole, but there are at least 6-7.)

So keep your scissors sharp and Piece!

Pixel especially loves when her cousin visits.

I’ve been working

Our niece is staying with us for a couple of weeks during her summer break, and so I don’t have a lot of extra time to blog, when I’m not working, we are playing games mostly.  One of my husband’s designer board games or one of a million video games that both she and my husband like to play.  Mostly I am at the back of the pack, but it’s fun to participate, luckily I am not ultra-competitive like the two of them are.

IMG_2875Anyway, early last week I finished a work quilt.  A Mario that went to his new castle in California.  This, I believe is just the finished top, no biggie that there are some wrinkles.  I did new background and border colors, and I like the way they set off the Mario Character a little more than the light blue usually does.  Much cooler contrast.

IMG_2880I also made much progress on my secret project:  here’s a tiny preview:  I am hoping to finish this one before vacation, but I’m just not sure if I will get there, I should probably be able to after our niece leaves next week.  Obviously on vacation, I won’t be doing any work and little to no posting.  Then my parents and Aunt and Uncle are visiting for 2 weeks just a few days after we get home from vacation.  So basically my early fall is all booked up and I won’t be around much.

I do, however have a few priorities to get finished before the fall really gets underway.

Today is the perfect day for sewing, it’s cool and raining hard, but I need more fabric to finish my secret project and I don’t really want to venture forth in the rain, so I suppose I will have to figure something else do do with myself.  Until then…



I got through my first (the smaller) box of scraps, I cut them all down to 2½” or 4½”  squares, anything smaller than that, I threw away.  I have gotten rid of 2 shopping bags full of ticker tapes and die cutting scraps.  Now just one more box to go.

I got an order a couple of days ago, so I pulled all of the strips for that.  They all came from my precut strips or from my stash (the background for that quilt requires about a half-yard of fabric).  I am psyched that I haven’t had to buy any fabric for my quilt orders yet this year.

In other news, I have started a secret project today.  It is going to be super awesome, I’m excited to see how this one comes together.  I spent a ton of time working with the layout, and I even put it into EQ7…  I’m still getting the hang of that, but I’m figuring some stuff out here and there.  I got the exact layout I wanted, so that is an accomplishment, in and of itself.  I also got the whole center section cut out today.  So now I’ve got some piecing to do.  I probably won’t get to share this one for quite a while (end of the year) so I will try not to talk about it too much. :)

Well that’s all I really have for now.  So…




I got to a point in going through all of my small scraps, die cutting them into 2½” and 4½” squares where I wanted to simply gouge my own eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon.  Yes, really it was that bad…

I decided I had to do some sewing, so as I went through the very last pile of 2½”x WOF strips, I decided to pick 15 out and do a quick strip race style baby quilt.  Super colorful, super cute, I think!  I love the way it turned out, would be perfect for any new baby girl, although, the colors are a little bit Glitter Pony! :)  While I was doing art camp, anytime a girl would ask me for pink and purple paint, I would say, “Glitter Pony” coming up!  It made me laugh, even if no one else understood.

ANYWAY, back to the quilt…  I picked out a cute grey, pink and white cherry blossom print to go on the back.

More of these may be coming as I am only about ¼ of the way done with my scraps at this point…

I am off to cut scraps.


It Came as if a Dream…

Do you ever have a conversation with someone who has not only no vested interest in the topic, but also doesn’t fully understand what you are talking about?  I do that sometimes to my husband, who always knows what I’m saying, and absolutely cares about what I’m saying, but, has little to no vested interest in the process of my quilting studio.

He loves the process, the outcome, and all, but the daily workings allude him, like they do most.  It’s like when he is telling me about coding software, I have a basic understanding, but I just don’t get it all the way.

I find, at least for myself, that these brief conversations really go a long way into shedding light on a subject where you tend to be stuck maybe unnecessarily.

I had one of these very conversations with my husband yesterday wherein I posed my scrap problem.  I said, “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with all of these scraps…”

To which he replied, “Just throw them away!”

I hemmed and hawed for a brief moment.  Wasteful, I like to have small scraps various colors, leaders and enders, appliqué, etc, etc, when it hit me.  I had myself contemplated throwing the small scraps away, but I really didn’t want to.  I knew it then.

I also knew how much work it was going to be to process all of those small scraps down into either squares or ticker tapes.  When I also realized, I have no desire to have ticker tapes, and waste, eh, I am not too fussy about, I want to maximize my fabric, but not to the point of crazy obsession.

It came out of nowhere, don’t worry about the waste, don’t worry about the rotary cutting:  just die cut the scraps!  That way, I can cut like 6 at a time, I can get perfect 2½” and 4½” Squares, no muss, no fuss, and probably in a quarter of the amount of time of pressing, and rotary cutting those suckers! :)

That way, I will also have 3 extra boxes, just what I need for my second set of warm, cool and neutral large scraps.

It’s all coming together!