It is quilted!

I have been working on my Plain and Fancy quilt now for over 2 years.  but, I have great news!  It is QUILTED!  Only 1 step left, binding.  I quilted it with the computer guided machine, so it was a little like cheating, but all those feathers would have killed me!🙂  Once it is bound and I am able to get some photos of my quilts again…  I know, there are so many to show you…  I will post some more snaps.  I also finished quilting one other quilt, it was my first leaders and enders top that I finished, using leftovers from what was supposed to be my nephew’s quilt that I changed mid-stream.

The Plain and Fancy is definitely staying here with me, the other as yet un-named quilt, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that.  I have added one more quit to the to-do list, which will probably push Moda Modern Building Blocks off until next year.  But I don’t feel like anything that I have on hand would be appropriate for a wedding gift to my cousin’s son that is getting married this fall. I should have this quilt down by now, I have done it 3 other times, I’ve literally just written up an order sheet of how to do it in solids. It looks really great when it’s done, though, and it’s one I can finish in a couple of days, modern looking, not too intimidating. Count me in, I guess.

Ok, I’m off now. Keep stitchin away.




You know, like how those Hollywood directors will scream?!  That’s what I’ve spent a good portion of my day doing…  Not screaming…  But cutting.

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE cutting?  I’m not sure why, I think it might be that you have to be “ON” all the time.  I can kinda zone out while I am actually at the machine, but I have to be thinking, counting, and paying attention while I cut.  The good news is I got my whole Fancy Fox Lap Sized quilt for my nephew’s 3rd Birthday coming up next April.  I have 4 more quilt tops that I want to finish this year and 8 to quilt.  Ambitious, I know.  I have 2 more long-arming appointments in the next month, plus two of my tops can either be done in 1 half-day session OR at home.  Maybe even I can finish up the two during my all-day session at the end of this month.  All that would entail is getting PREPARED!  Get a back going, get the batting cut, etc, etc!

So here’s the list:

Tops:  Nephew’s 3rd Birthday, Glass Half Full, Moda Modern BB, and Ryo is Rock n Roll.

Quilting: The above 4 plus Plain and Fancy, 2 Charity Snuggle-ups and one Leaders and Enders Top I put together last year.

That’s it!🙂  Alright, so I should be sewing.  I get it…  I’m going



Not Slacking, but I am lacking in pictures…  A combo of no holder available, rainy days, and life interruptus has conspired against me to produce a total lack of photos.  I actually HAVE some finishes.  I finished my Shine quilt, and my Je Suis Charlie quilt.  Alas, pictures still having to wait.

As you may or may not know, I have been on a crusade to get all of the quilts that I have topped quilted.  I have been long-arming my brains out.  I’ve been there about 7 times, I believe.  Next to go on is my baby…  My Plain and Fancy.  You remember, I blogged enough about it…  Well, it’s time.  It’s the next to be quilted.  I am excited and nervous.  I am going to quilt it on the computer guided machine, so I’m not AS nervous as I would be doing a pantograph or a freehand design, but I still don’t want to take away from all of the work that I did on that sucker!🙂

Other than that, things are just dashing along this summer, our basement remodel is almost done.  We have started the load-in process, which is taking oh so much longer than expected.  Just the sheer number of trips up and down the stairs has been a bit overwhelming.  But almost all of the furniture has been built or moved down, almost all of the electronics are hooked up and functional, and the great record migration is about 65% completed.  After that, we still have two closets to clean out and my studio to move.  I am going to set up my studio in my husband’s old office and an office/guest bedroom in my old studio.  I have started the purge, but haven’t gotten too far yet.  At least when I have a guest room, I will have somewhere to store my completed quilts.🙂

The dogs, you ask?  They have been good, they are enjoying some nicer weather, they were having a hard time with being cooped up when it was SO hot the last couple of weeks before now.  Plus, Little Miss Pixel somehow hurt one of her toes on her right front foot, and had to be down to restricted activity for about a week, which was driving both of the dogs NUTS, they wanted to go out and play SO bad.  Luckily, that issue has cleared up, and we are back to coming and going as they please, which has made all of our lives better.

The dogs did end up clearing another groundhog out of his home under our shed, never pleasant, but I guess, circle of life and all.  God-forbid the two of them ever come across a skunk together.

On that thought, I’m outta here.  Until next time,


Flying Summer

Summer seems to be flying by, the days being filled with volunteering, relative visits, vacation and long-arm quilting.  I have quilted 2 quilts since my niece’s Graduation quilt.  I finished a leaders and enders quilt made with one of the Mill Series charm packs.  I have the binding on, but not turned, I will post a pic when I get it turned.  I have a pile of 4 quilts that need to be turned.  I was saving them because turning binding was the only thing I was able to do while sitting in the Hospital while my father-in-law was there, so I thought it may be good to have a few projects at that stage, but I’m praying that we won’t have another situation like that again.  So maybe I should just get to turning those bindings.  Then I can actually add them to the list of finished quilts.  I only have 1 quilt on my deadlines list at this point.  While on vacation at a Progressive Rock music festival, I had a quilt signed by the band, that I had made for my husband.  One of the band members wanted one.  So I am making another one for him.

We are in the midst of building a man-cave for my husband in the basement, we are almost there, we are at the point where we can start clearing out his office.  His office is going to become my new studio, and my current studio is going to become our guest room. We are hoping that once that is finished, we can give houseguests a place to rest without having to give up our bedroom every time someone is here.

In preparation for moving my studio, I am going through some of my things, getting rid of a few things, as well as building some storage.  There is so much to go through, and so much to get rid of, so much to separate out.  The guest room will also act as an office, so I an stop the overtaking of my studio with books and papers that aren’t sewing related.  Hopefully this will help focus my sewing time on sewing.🙂  Novel concept, huh?

So I am still here, busy as summer always is.  With some finishes on the horizon.  Stay tuned.


I’ve Finally Done it!!!

So, remember how it’s now the END of May, and remember how I told you at the end of LAST YEAR that I was going to go through and set my quilting goals for this year.  Yeah, well, it has FINALLY happened…  I understand if your enthusiasm is mock, but in my defense, the year did not start all that smoothly.

So let’s just say that by the end of 2015, my goals were a mess.  No where near where I wanted to be, but my life is so much different than it was at the start of 2015, that is mildly understandable.  This year, my quilting goals are just that, and life goals, well, that is still to be sorted out…🙂  Someday, I will get there, I’m sure of it!

Today, I have IMG_3473finished the top of my Niece’s graduation quilt, it goes with me to long-arming on June 2.    That I showed you in my last blog.

I have finished the top of my Shine quilt…  OMG, I have to show you my Shine quilt!  So, the photo is not that good, and I apologize for that, but, I’m not shooting for a monetized blog here, just mostly personal memories.  So this Shine quilt won’t really be complete until the quilting is done, but it was inspired by a song by the band, Transatlantic.  I have had this in my head for almost a year, and took the last few days to get it out.  The quilting will really tell the story, though.  I’m excited to get it done, I’m not sure if it will go with me to the long-armer or if I will just try to do it here on the domestic, but either way, I feel like it’s pretty epic.

Here I am a page in, and haven’t talked a bit about my goals, but I’m telling you all of the back story because I hit a lull this morning, I have the major things that I wanted to get done recently finished, and so when I sat down in my studio today, I was like where next.  Time to re-evaluate.  So with no further ado, my 2016 Quilting goals!

  1.  All of my deadlined work, that at this point includes the graduation quilt, and my youngest nephew’s 3rd birthday quilt (not until next April, but planning ahead), and then any orders I get, which right now includes a set of Mario and Luigi crib quilts for a set of twins due in July.
  2. Get all of my closet quilts (which at last count was 8…  oy) quilted.  They don’t all have to be bound and tagged, but I want them quilted by the end of the year.
  3. Glass-Half Full kit, I want to get that one made, it seems to be the simplest of the kits that I have right now, and I want to get those on the move.🙂
  4. Moda Modern Building Blocks.  That seems to be a stretch-goal.  I don’t know if at this point (when I have 2, count them 2 blocks done) can I finish this top by the end of the year, but I will give it a shot, as it has been on my goals board for almost 2 1/2 years now.

And that, my friends, is it.  It doesn’t seem like much, but considering that I only have a half of the year to work on them, AND that they are pretty involved, each of them, I think it’s enough for now.  I think today would be a good day to make some Needle catches.  I’m off.

Until next time…




A Big Finish

Yesterday I finished the top of a big project.  It was a project I had done twice before, it’s kinda my go-to now.  I have posted about it here, here, here, and here before. This time, I basically made it twice, and sewed the two together so that it would fit on a Twin X-Long, so that if my niece so chooses, it shall fit on her college dorm bed.

I used a cool science-y fabric bundle from Gotham Quilts on a background of AMB #06-Grey.  My niece is thinking of going into something in the science/medical field, besides, she’s geeky like my husband and I are, so I am hoping that even though it’s not necessarily her favorite colors, that the subject matter will win her over.  This project is probably the biggest one that I have done to date, I believe.  It measures 66×108!

IMG_3456Please excuse the low-quality photo.  I had nowhere to put this huge thing besides on my bed, and as you can see, it didn’t fit there very well either.  The greens photographed “hotter” than they actually are, as well.  I was having this problem all through-out the photography process.  So next, I have to make a back for this monster and then long-arm it.  I have a half-day appointment for long arming next week, and one the start of June, I haven’t decided yet which session I am going to quilt this one in, it may all depend on what I decide to do for the back.  I do have my binding already, I’m doing the orange screen fabric.  I have half yard cuts of all of the fabrics left-over, so I might just start there, and go from there.  I know I’m going to need a HUGE back.  I also have to figure out if I can load the quilt long ways, so that the quilting goes up and down.  That’s my quilting vision right now.

I have 8, yes, that’s right, 8 quilt tops that need to be quilted right now.  So, I think it might be time to start the subscription long-arm quilting.  Especially since I have at least 3 more tops that I am going to make in the next few months.

So it’s time to move on to the next one!  Now to decide which one…




On the Nature of Things

So here we are, hurtling closer to the mid-point of the year, and I haven’t blogged in two months.  I never even blogged my start of the year goals, heck, I never even blogged my end of the year goal wrap-up from last year.

Do I have excuses, of course, am I going to make them.  No…  I will say that the last couple of days of March and almost all of April were a swirling hot-mess of hospital, funeral, death and grief.  My father-in-law passed on April 20 after a harrowing fight consisting of 26 days in the ICU.  It was a long and difficult process for the whole family.  I am just now starting to come out of the fog of emotional and physical exhaustion, and the process is really just starting for my husband, his mom, and his brother and sister.

But there were many blessings during that time, my husband got to be with our niece when she found out about her  Ivy League university acceptance, we got to spend time with and know the family in a more real way and we are able to move forward into the continuing difficult days as a single unit.  It is also working to hone my faith in God and that of my husband.

I started long-arming, which I believe I mentioned earlier in the year.  I have had two sessions now, and have been able to finish one of the quilts.  The other has binding on it, ready to be turned.  In the many days I spent waiting in the hospital waiting rooms, I was able to turn two quilts, my first long armed one and a second baby quilt that I quilted quickly while I was home between trips I am starting to hack away at my “tops finished” list, but there are still about 10 to get to, not to mention my next two to-do’s which more information will follow about shortly, but for now, let’s just say one has to be done by graduation season!!!  Luckily I have two long-arming sessions before my niece’s graduation.  Hopefully a half-day will be enough to finish the gianormity that I am making is done!  I know the top will go fast, it is about a quarter finished, just after 1 day of working.  I should only have a couple of days more to go one it before the pieces are done, and one more for me to put it together.

Ok, so I just wanted to get checked in, now I am off to work on graduation quilt!  Take Care out there and Piece!