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Thanksgiving is almost upon us once again, and it is my favorite holiday.  I mean, the food?!  Yeah, that is enough to make it my favorite, however relaxing family time is nice too…  *record scratch sound* yes…  It is a nice fantasy, isn’t it?

Anyway, I want to say a quick Thanks to everyone who reads, follows, and lurks my blog.  I know I write strangely and sporadically, but having an audience is a bonus surprise that I was never really counting on!  For your reward, I have put in a couple of shots of my new studio.  One of the current pile of FINISHED QUILTS YAY!  The other is the quilts that the binding is attached and need to be hand tacked.  Wishing you a warm, lovely peaceful Thanksgiving with friends, family, or whomever you love the most.

Love and Piece!

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Jingling Bells

So last week, I used the “Robot Overlord**” machine at the long-arm rental shop to quilt my Mod-tro (ReTRO fabric with a MODern design) Christmas Quilt…  Ok, yeah, I guess you need some backstory here.

I found the Cotton+Steel “Garland” and I LOVED the retro colors and feel.  I especially img_0078loved the Tossed Santas.  Just too cute to resist.  I found some yardage on SUPER sale a while back, so I decided to grab it.  The fabric being so retro, and rather large scale, I thought I would like to show it off in a more modern quilt design that I could use larger sections of those big prints, so I went back to one of my old stand-bys Elizabeth Hartman’s New Wave quilt pattern.  I have used this pattern on 4 different color-ways now.  but this one, by far is my favorite.  Using a few of the Cotton + Steel prints and a couple of coordinating prints from I don’t even remember where.  I made it 2 rows larger than the pattern for some extra feety room and I quilted…  Ok, that’s going to require more story.

The computer driven long-arm machine (**which my husband calls the “Robot Overlord” machine because it drives itself)  quilted 2 inch old fashioned Christmas lights all over the top in a really cool variegated blue thread that I didn’t even get the name of.  I have already attached the binding, which I used a combination of the prints from the quilt top and the sashing fabric.  I still have to hand-tack the binding to the back of the quilt, and she’s ready for display and what I will assume will be much needed warmth around Christmas time.

While I was binding, I finally attached the binding to “Plain and Fancy”.  It was every bit as bad as I was thinking it was going to be.  That quilt is HUGE and it’s HEAVY!  I used a thicker batting than I normally use, and there might be more than a pound of thread in the quilting. 🙂  But I’m glad that it’s almost done.  What I’m going to do with it when it IS done?  No idea, but it’s one of the more huge accomplishments in my quilting career thus far, so I’m very proud of it.

Ok, now it’s time to get back to the grind for me.  Keep Stitching out there, and