So I am sick. :(  I am concentrating on resting up and getting better before vacation.  It’s no fun, but at least I feel better than I did yesterday, so hopefully I will be better by bon voyage! :)

Counting The Days

Just a week and 2 days until we set sail!  I have a ton to do before we leave, including 2 quilts and sending out birthday gifts. I am sure it will all get done somehow, but…

I am packing, and taking care of other odds and ends, so sewing is taking a backseat for now. Plus this daylight savings time thing is kicking my butt!  It makes me feel groggy and run-down for at least a week. Just messes with my clock no kills me. 

However, I am thinking about the sun and the beach and the water and it’s helping. So I might go dark for a bit, but never fear. I will return. 

Until then, Piece!


Little finish

IMG_0035Have I mentioned that we are going on a cruise really soon?  I don’t mean to rub it in, but I can NOT wait!  The last cruise we were on, we were issued name tags on lanyards, and it was so convenient to have a place to stow our room key so that we didn’t have to worry about it being in our pockets, so I decided to make us some lanyards for this sailing.

They have a few cool features that I want to point out.  for one, I have used a IMG_0036couple of awesome fabrics from my stash, one is from the Zombie Apocalypse line, and the other is from the Lizzy House Constellation line.  I made them in bright colors on purpose (the linens on the ship are always white), high contrast for easy location, I got clips for two of them, the two coolest ones on the bottom, and then I made each my hubby and I a back up (in case of loss or my sewing failing) plus the top one was my prototype that I stitched up first, I threw just split rings on the top three after I took this picture.

The making of these was SUPER simple, I cut a 1 7/8″ strip of fabric x WOF and then ran them through my bias tape maker, I pressed the tape in half, then sewed a seam up each side.  The end was the trickiest part, but only because I had to sew through a LOT of layers of fabric after I folded the ends up twice.  I know this isn’t a formal tutorial, but it’s pretty simple to get the hang of what I did.  Because I stupidly didn’t take pictures while I was doing any of the 5 of these!  duh…

Have a great weekend!  Hope you have some time for stitching!


Now That’s Fancy!!

Yesterday I finished up my last block in the Plain and Fancy quilt top!  I am SUPER excited about how the blocks came out!  The other exciting thing is that this is one of my two week goals before vacation!  I don’t know if I will get to all of them before we leave, but I’m going to keep trying.  Anyway, check out all of the completed blocks:


I am completely in love with my design wall right now! :)  The #9 block (that dark blue center one) used a template, which was really the first time I had worked with one.  It turned out OK, it wasn’t super easy, though.  I traced the template on to freezer paper, then pressed the freezer paper on to a piece of protein bar box.  The problem I had, though, was that the printed side of the box was on the fabric, and it was too slippery.  I will not use the slippery side next time, or I will rough it up, or I will put some duct tape on it (that by the way is my ruler strategy also).  I will not be completely intimidated by using templates anymore.

IMG_0040I chose the darker blue to be my binding and backing and ordered it from  It will be super sharp as the binding, since the borders are all the light cream.  I think that will make the binding really pop.  So it’s March now, I still have 9 months to finish to be on goal.  Granted, there are about 1,000,000 other things to do in those 9 months as well… :)

The dogs have been remarkably well behaved today while I was working Pixel slept on the couch as Taco slept on the dog bed in my office.

Tomorrow, I work on the twinsies, maybe… :)  I am having trouble with motivation, I have to work on what I want to work on, not necessarily what I plan on.  Well, I have some laundry to get done, and a quick run to the store.  So, keep stitching!


What do you do?

When you don’t want to actually sit at the machine?  You reorganize fabric!  Last week, I tackled my yardage, but my fat quarters have been languishing in a couple of drawers in absolutely NO order since the Great Fabric Reorg of 2014.  That felt gross, so I tackled the shame drawers. :)  Now they are nice and pretty, and to my surprise, besides my gross lack of yellow, I have every color fairly well represented, and I have a lot more colors than neutrals in the FQs!


The second drawer has the brown neutrals and then the second row is the color FQ club fabrics for the club I am in, I didn’t have the heart to put those in the mix yet :)

Admire the pretties, then get back to sewing! :)


Finally, some Pictures!!

I’ve mentioned that we have had a lot of snow this year, right?  I believe I’ve mentioned how difficult it has been to get out, around, or have a nice enough day to take some photos?  Well, the day has finally come!  I have seen a lot of quilt photos on the snow, so I decided to give it a try, I like the way they came out…  Sorta… :)  The snow is so high, I couldn’t get above the quilts to show the whole things very well…

Anyway, Asterisk was my among my last finishes of last year, I LOVE it.  I had it hoarded in my studio until about a week ago when my hubby and my dogs were hogging the couch quilts and I realized, I love it so much, I should be using it, not have it folded up in a pile in my studio!  So here it is:


Here’s a pic of it hanging off the snow so you get an idea of how deep it is around our sidewalk.


IMG_0026The quilt is a great size, it is really wide and not super long, so it covers the feet without a lot of unruly length that has to be dealt with, the back is a single ampersand fabric in two pieces, it is quilted with wavy straight-line quilting about ½ inch apart.  The binding is a light grey dandelion fabric, it was part of a different line of fabrics, butIMG_0025 I like how it softened up the darks and blended with the beiges.  All in all, I think it’s some of my best work, and I love that it came together from start to finish in a couple of days.  It was a joy to work on, I might just find myself making another one!

I looked back and I didn’t blog about this one while it was in progress or finished even once.  Granted, the whole process was quick (it took me 2 days to make the top and another 2 or 3 days to quilt, but I was shocked to see that I never blogged about it even once!  The funny thing about this quilt was I went to get some thread to do the appliqué the day I started it, I got two spools, I ended up going back 3 times to get more thread, because I decided to use that same color for the piecing AND the quilting.  I couldn’t believe how much I went through!

The other finish I have been blathering on about and never posted a photo of is Metro.  So ladies and gents, here it is:


This one is going to my nephew at the end of the month for his 3rd Birthday.  I LOVE it, too.  I hope he does as well.  I posted before with a photo of the quilting.

The backing iIMG_0031s leftover fabric from the front, some of the Lizzy House Constellations fabric I had left over, and a little bit of the ampersand fabric from the back of Asterisk!

Both of these quilts I think are my best to date.  I think my piecing and my quilting have turned a corner.  I know my piecing went leaps and bounds ahead when I started to use Mary Ellen’s Best Press, and the 505 spray has really helped my quilting.  I used it and a few safety pins to baste Metro, I used it solely to baste Asterisk, and I have one pucker in the top…  Although since I have been using it, I haven’t even noticed it.

So, those are my proud photos.  Hope you enjoy!  Now back to work with me!

The last set of twinsies that I sold, if you look really hard, you can see my toesies in there!


I have spent a good part of today cutting.  It isn’t my favorite quilting task, but it’s not the worst.  I am working on my Mario and Luigi twins for my Etsy shop.  I don’t know if I will finish them up before vacation, but I’m going to try.

Have I mentioned that we’re going on vacation in just over 2 weeks?!  I can NOT wait!  I don’t believe that I will be bringing any sewing to work on while we’re on the trip, I have a TON of magazines, and some Kindle books on my iPad, and made an old iPod for the trip, I filled it full of the music that I’m into right now.  This winter has been SO brutal and I’m just so ready to get out of here for a week (a little more, actually) and just be WARM!

So keeping up the quilting for the two weeks we have left before cruising!  I want to finish my twinsies, finish my last Plain and Fancy Block, and maybe some sashing blocks, and I want to cut out either my Auntie’s quilt or my Moda Modern Building Blocks.   The last thing I want to sew my other Snuggle-Up kit together, and have a 4th top that needs attention when I get back :)

Actually when we get back, it’s only a week or so before Easter, then 3 days after that, my Mom visits for 2 weeks.  I am SO excited!  She retired at the beginning of the year, and my Dad doesn’t retire until the end of the school year, so I got her a ticket here in the awkward meantime. :)  I am not sure what we will be doing while she is here, but I think it might involve some quilt shopping, quilting, thrifting, who knows what else…  I do know that the last time they were here, we did pretty much everything possible :)  It will be nice just hanging out and catching up.

I should get back to finishing my cutting now. :)  Cut it out!