On Finishing Metro…

As I was finishing up Metro over the weekend, I was thinking about the fact that my 3 Year-old quilt pile is almost done.  We have 3 nieces and 4 nephews.  The oldest is 16, I came to the game when she was about 9, we have had fun together ever since.  Then there’s the “cluster kids,” in the first about 3 years of my husband and my marriage, our 3 sister in laws (husband’s sister, husband’s brother’s wife, my brother’s wife) had 5 kids…  Talk about a baby boom…  I had just started to quilt again when M, the oldest of the “cluster” was born, so I made her a crib quilt.  Then it began, I was off to the races, B, then I, then A, then C all arrived over the next 2 years.  Each getting a baby quilt. (Oh, I shudder to think about those quilts, I doubt a one of them stayed in one piece!)  Then when M was turning 3, I decided they all needed “Bigger kid quilts”  I wanted to make them cute, but not babyish.  First M, then B, then I, finally A.

I am happy how they all turned out, and I will post pictures of Metro (I know, I know, I keep saying it and never doing it, but I swear I will, just be patient!) soon.  I am so happy to have all of our great nieces and nephews, they are all totally different people with totally different personalities, although most are very talkative, one is shy with profound things to say when she does speak.  All of them make us smile.  Even the 16 year old. :)  Graduation quilts coming soon?  I don’t even want to think about it! :)

Metro is the last of the Cluster to turn 3, thus the last bigger kid quilt for a while.  Phew, it was pretty fast and furious there for a while.  I am proud to say all of them but one were in the hands of the child on their birthday, (Sorry, I…)  Now I still have a little over 2 years to finish the last nephew (hopefully totally last one).

Today, I’m actually blogging from the past (wooooohhhh Spooky!), I wrote this out yesterday and had it post today since today I am in NYC at a concert with my husband.  Depending on when you are reading this, we are in the car, eating and hanging out at Chelsea Market, or at the concert.  Looking forward to seeing a great show, a bunch of super talented musicians.  The doggies?  They are at camp (that’s what we call boarding to feel less guilty about it! :))



Today is one of those “I don’t even know where to start days”…  You know where you get up you have breakfast and you’re like, “Ok, now what?!”

I got an order over the weekend that I want to try to finish before vacation, but I’m still contemplating wether or not I have enough fabric.

I am dragging my feet on starting the last Plain and Fancy block, besides the fact that I have done blocks the last two work days.

I totally finished Metro over the weekend, I need to lint roll the crap out of it before I can photograph it, though.

I never heard from my February Doll Quilt Swap partner, so I don’t even think I’m going to do one this month…

A thousand other thoughts swirling in my head, so, what do I decide to start with???  I reorganized my stash in color order!


That’s right…  one mini bolt of red and no orange…  That’s how I roll :)  I pulled my Domestic Diva and two other collections out so they could stay together, and of course, the bottom of my cabinet is holiday, juvenile and solids, but it’s pretty organized now.  On top, a jumbled mess!

I can’t complain about having an understocked studio, though.  I am pretty blessed with having everything I need to do what I want/need to do.

How about you?  What do you do when Quilters Block (ha get it?!) strikes?



Another Day, Another Fancy

In my little bit of sadness over being one of the #quiltnon quilters  (Modern quilters NOT in attendance at QuiltCon in Austin, TX going on RIGHT NOW!), I have been ultra productive!  I finished month 8 today.  Only 1 more to go…  Oh and then all of the other stuff :)


I then rearranged all of the blocks into the order they will appear in for the actual quilt.  I am SO excited about how this is coming together!  I think it is going to be so awesome once it is done!  I counted 24 of the star sashings and 16 of the appliqué cornerstones.  That will be a while, but I will get there.


By the way, I am really sorry about my dark, not so great photography.  My studio doesn’t have the best natural light…  Actually it has a LOT of natural light but only very direct and at very specific times of day (sunset).  So my ability to take great photos here is not so good.  Someday I may have a studio where there are windows facing more than one direction, but for now, I’m happy in my little space unless I’m taking photos!

While sewing today, it is WAY too cold for the dogs to be outside, and they know it, so they left me alone mostly, I was able to get this whole block done (granted it was the least complicated).  I was also listening to podcasts, today I burned through two episodes of QuiltCast and I believe 3 episodes of Invisibilia.  I think I might be turning into a hipster, but I have totally been LOVING the NPR podcasts (Invisibilia and Serial specifically).  I should probably check out more, but I’m afraid if I do, I will be perpetually be carrying a messenger bag and sipping Malbec not from a coffee mug.  (That’s right I have been known to imbibe from a coffee mug, deal with it…)

#quiltnon strong!

Pressing, Oh Pressing

So, my ironing board cover needs to be replaced, after 2 years, it’s starting to transfer stains onto my fabric when I use Best Press…  Boo… Hiss!!!  I went onto Amazon and bought one today, won’t be here until Friday though.  I have a small Steady Betty that I have on my sewing machine cabinet, but I can’t use Best Press on it.  Trust me, I tried it, and this happened:


Ugh, thankfully, those suckers are two-sided!

I also have a portable ironing pad, but when I used it on my sewing cabinet with best press, this happened:


Double ugh…  Yes, those are huge bubbles in the wood.  I am so upset, I LOVE this cabinet.

It’s a real problem.  I thought about making myself a press board, but for just a couple of days, I don’t want to put in the money, time and effort for something I am going to use twice.  It leaves me with the conundrum, don’t sew or don’t press…  Neither of which are great options. :)

If anyone knows how to fix my cabinet bubbles, I’m all ears, by the way. :)

Piece out!



So I got month seven of my Plain and Fancy quilt done today.  I did it without Best Press…  Used my pressing board that can’t have liquid on it :) And I think it came out pretty well!  Only 2 to go!


Plus I have all of the sashing stars and the appliqué cornerstones…  AHHH!  I think I will be doing it by machine using fusible webbing.  I will have to do them slowly, so that I can do a good job with them…  But at the pace of 1 a week, we might be at this for a LONG time! :)

Probably sick of it by now, but here’s the progress so far:IMG_0017

It’s coming along, and I am really happy with the work so far.  The next one is SUPER easy, so I might be able to finish it in 1 day even when the dogs are bothering me! :)

Speaking of the dogs, they are SO cooped up.  Our Pixel-girl is needing to RUN!  It’s been too cold for her to be outside for very long, bIMG_0020ut today it was around 32, so I let her stay out for a little longer.  The two of them were running around, Taco came in, but Pixel stayed out longer.  She was bored, so she head butted the door open trying to entice Taco to come back out…  When he didn’t, she grabbed my shoe, and ran…  Now, keep in mind we have about 5 foot of snow in our back yard.  The dogs have worn some paths, but in general, it is not passable by humans.  So I grabbed a squeaky toy and offered a trade.  Luckily she brought my shoe back and accepted my trade, then she ran around squeaking for another 10-15 minutes, thankfully, she wore herself out!

IMG_0019 Taco, the old man that he is, I think spends a lot of time just praying that his little sister will leave him alone!  He has only been out for about 10 minutes running in the snow, and now, he’s out cold!  He has not moved on his bed in my studio for at least an hour!  Pixel spent another while chewing and I think is finally asleep now, too.

I am even blogging from my studio rather than on the couch so I don’t disturb either one of them! :)  Dedicated dog mommy.

Ha, saying that, Taco just woke up so I can head to the couch and start tacking down the binding on Metro!

Cabin Fever

I am not necessarily stuck at home right now, but it is SO cold out that it’s hard to get motivated to go outside.

I have been working and working Metro. The quilting took a solid 3 days. I did straight lines on the diagonal about ½ inch apart. I LOVE the way it looks and even more how it feels!

So, I got the binding sewn on, I just have to tack it and the tag and I will be done! More pictures then, because took a couple for my husband, but I had to take them on my bed as I was home alone and they are dark and at a weird angle. :)

In other news: in less than a month, my husband and I are going in a cruise! Sand of San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maartin, and Tortolo will be between my toes and I will be drinking a crapload of rum punches! I could not be more excited.

Now, to figure out what or if I should bring any handwork for while I’m sitting on the deck in the sunshine watching the oven go by. :)


We are up to 4 feet of snow. My sewing this week has been slowed down by grocery shopping, snow removal and doctors appointments. Speaking of which, I had better get dressed as I have an appointment in like an hour. Joy!