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Pixel, the Quilter Dog

The story of how Pixel came into our lives, I shared with you in the last post.  Even though I wasn’t ready for another dog, it was the dead of winter, AND, she was a PIT BULL, Pixel melted my heart, and came home with us.

I am now a huge advocate for the Pibble.  Pixel has opened my eyes to a breed that is so amazing and completely misunderstood, she turned my hardened heart.  Even now, we are facing Breed Specific Legislation passed this month by our town, and it’s passage has pushed us over the edge in our decision to move as soon as we can.

Pixel, with her nylabone, sleeping the afternoon away among the fabric and projects in my quilting studio.

We got Pixel when she was about 4 months old, we have had her for almost half a year now (very hard to believe).  At first, this winter, she would find the available patch of sun and lay in the sun puddle, then when she woke up, she would try to eat whatever quilt I was working on.  April was the toughest month for her because I had 7 quilts to make, and it was starting to warm up, she wanted to spend all of the time she could outside.  We got through, and now that we are into the “dog days” of summer, after her morning exercise, she just wants to sleep the heat away!  She gets a lot more active at night once the temp drops again in the evening.  But as she inches further and further away from puppyhood, she is getting better and better about not having her “zoomie” moments.  She really is SUCH a good girl!

She has finally learned that quilts are not for her to eat, although it’s an exercise in self control.



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

One thought on “Pixel, the Quilter Dog

  1. I have 2 quilter dogs-Belgian Mainois. Unusual, but rescued and great pets! My husband and I have both had Pibbles in our past as well. We love the breed! My last one was afraid of the dark and the best mouser around! I love Ceasar’s “Daddy”, he was a great ambassador for the breed. Yours looks like such a doll!

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