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Quilt A Day is pretty ambitious

Last order for the month of October!

My QAD pace is wearing me down.  I did finish quilts 7 and 8, my charity quilt and my last order, and of course, in the meantime 2 new orders came in.  Mind you, I am NOT complaining, but the pace is ambitious.  I feel like a little bit of a slacker today, I only finished a top, but it was a lot bigger than the quilts I normally do, so I guess all said, it was a good day.  We were hit by the snow on Saturday night, luckily we only lost power for a few hours, unlike those poor folks who are still without.  It has made trying to gather supplies around her fairly interesting.  I set out to get 2 things accomplished on Monday, finish my last order and gather fabric for three quilts to accomplish this week.  I got both goals done, but the latter was a lot harder than expected, both of the local Jo-Ann’s had no power, and were closed, so I had to drive 25 minutes to the next closest one, and they were swamped.  I guess that it isn’t so bad since I got my goal accomplished.

These were the donated fabrics that I was trying to punch up a bit.

The other quilt I finished over the weekend, and it was my Charity quilt!  I got most of the fabric from my Quilt Guild, it came in as a donation.  BUT, I wasn’t a huge fan of the fabrics, so I decided to try to punch them up a bit…  I used a blue print that I had in my stash, and some darker blue blocks as some border interest, then I had some navy fabric that I wasn’t so fond of with these light blueish green flowers, and I had no idea what I was ever going to do with it (online impulse clearance buy), that I used for the binding, and I absolutely LOVE it!  As soon as it went on, 1 I was jealous that I hadn’t used it on a quilt for myself, and 2, I knew that binding was exactly what needed to be done with this fabric, so it found it’s life!  I backed it with a poly cotton blend top sheet (I know, but they are so durable, that I do, admittedly use them a lot, especially for projects like this that are meant to be used and washed a lot.

Another view of the borders.
A view of the border and bindings that I picked out.


A view of the binding (you can even see my hand sewing) and the backing.


On the agenda for this week, I have 1 top already completed, 1 quilt to cut sew and quilt, that is already on order.  I am going to try to accomplish a third for inventory for our Etsy shop for the upcoming holidays, wish me luck!




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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