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Where I’ve been…

So, July came and went in a snap. So did most of June!! My brother-in-law and his wife were here for a week at the end of June, which was so much fun!! Then my husband had a little health thing (he’s fine now), and was home for a whole week. We sold 5 quilts from the Etsy shop, so between everything else going on, I have been swamped. Excuses? No, I am going to get better, I swear!!

I have something new and super exciting to me, anyway, in my studio. A new Quilt Journal. Let me tell you how it came about. One night, I think while he was sick, I said to my hubby, “If you are thinking of something for Christmas, I want a very specific journal, I want it to have lined paper on one side and graph paper on the facing page”. So that I could draw an idea for a quilt top, and then write notes, a description, cutting instructions on the facing page. You quilters get it, right?!? I thought, though, that it may be a difficult task (some sort of custom Etsy thing) but within minutes, my hubby is looking at a website that specializes in completely custom journals. Bound You can customize down to the very page. The interface for building the journal is so fun, and they have TONS of different page types to choose from, not only my lined and graph paper, but blank to wireframes, maps to storyboards, and a bunch of other stuff too. I settled on a mish-mosh, with some to do lists in the front, followed by some story boards (where I could list my finished quilts in little boxes), and some blank pages for inspiration pages, followed by my original graph-lined idea. It came in the mail about a week later, and I love it.

I would say there are only 2 drawbacks: it is a little bit small (they do list the dimensions, and we figured it out ahead of time, but it might feel a little too portable), and there is no marker ribbon. That would be nice since I have so many sections.

However, I love it and would totally recommend getting one for yourself.




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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