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Storm a’brewin

I know it’s been forever since my last post, let’s just be real, the holidays suck around here with the busyness and total lunacy. But there is something that has been catching my eye lately and i really wanted to talk about it…

I have noticed lately a very disturbing trend among quilt blogs. And I am just going to put this out there, I call it the “Bitchyness of Quilters”. This really was brought to my attention over the summer at a “The Future of Quilting” panel that I attended. One of the ladies said to google “dumbing down of quilting”, which I did. Granted at the time, even then, this was an old debate, but I read it. Pretty much all of it… It was, by the author, admittedly a little Snarky. Ok, it’s her space, if I don’t agree, I don’t have to read it. I did, though, she makes some good points, maybe in the wrong tone, but this is definitely not as flagrant as it sounded like it was going to be from the panel speaker. Maybe the bad response was because the initial post was presented in a snarky tone…

Then again, maybe not…

I only read a few select quilting blogs on a regular basis, but just in the past month. The bitchyness appeared in two different places here and a discussion of a separate incident here in which bloggers who were not at all being snarky got more than they bargained for from rather innocuous posts.

Maybe it can be explained away, in the first post, it’s Mary Fons. Ok, she’s kind of a quilt celebrity, right, so she is going to generate a lot more buzz, but in her post she is literally just excited and wanting to share her love of quilting with a family. In the comments, a few people are up in arms. Personal politics all over the place because of race, political affiliation, and wealth?!? What?!? All of this (including one response so personal that Ms Fons wouldn’t even post it) because of a statement of wouldn’t it be cool if… And honestly it seemed to me that she wasn’t even suggesting anything self-agradising, but merely trying to promote awareness and further one of the few truly American art forms.

In the second example, there is an out-calling, but the poster, who is looking back does a good job of defending her words and herself. But again, I am forced into wondering, how the hell did it get to the point where she had to?!? This is another popular quilt blogger, but really, in a world of Yelp and around a billion other ways to rate businesses, she is called out by sharing a meh opinion about a local business?!? I totally agree with her that my local quilt shop is just ok… I have been to some really good ones and some really, really bad ones, my current local one I would saw is somewhere in the middle, B- range, meh…

So does it make me a bad person to spend my money getting what I truly want online and/or in a big-box store. No. Listen, I support local business, I grew up in a local business, I understand the importance, but I can’t afford to pay full-blown retail for what I can get elsewhere at darn near wholesale somewhere else to keep MY small business afloat. Just is what it is…

I refuse to believe that I will be that person who says, just because you don’t see the world exactly as I do that I can’t read your blog/watch your TV program/listen to your podcast/etc. especially over politics, race, wealth, support of local business…

Live and let live, people and please, God, Stop with the Bitchyness!! Modern, traditional, new, old, hand, machine, we are all quilters, and everyone produces their own art! My quilts are my art, just as yours are your art. Do any two artists produce the same exact product, even from the same subject? NEVER. Your opinion is fine, you don’ even have to say something “nice”, I will gladly hear it if it is the form of constructive criticism. But hiding behind anonymity to just be bitchy is gross.



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

5 thoughts on “Storm a’brewin

  1. I am often amazed about how people can take things out of context and blow them up. Almost seems like they are itching for a fight. On the White House Quilt, my take was the original poster was trying to be creative and fun. I think it would be a fun idea. Others took it as a political statement. A sad state of affairs. šŸ˜¦ If you can’t say something nice. Move on to another blog. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks! I agree. I saw the original posts (I even tried a reply and got slammed). I was a little shocked on a quilt blog but the anger out in the world seems to be accelerating and spilling in to areas where you can’t even post an opinion without being told how ‘stupid’ you are. Again, thanks for posting this.

  3. Wow. I don’t know why those examples surprised me, but they did. I am used to some people taking a comment about the weather and turning it into a tirade about politics (whether it’s now under the Obama admin, or in the past about Bush or Clinton) but the vast majority of quilters that I’ve met over the years have been a little more mellow than that. But, like you said, the larger the following, the more likely someone like that will be in the mix.

    I tend to have a stereotyped idea of a quilter in my head; even tempered, nice, a possibly a little catty (or is that last one just me? ;-). It’s always a little weird and disconcerting to have preconceived notions dashed.

    1. I agree, it has been fairly disappointing to me as well, however I want to clarify that I still really believe this us the exception rather than rule. I think your point also has something to it, as our quilting world gets bigger, the more kinds of people are joining us and the level of competition increases.

      It’s kind of “Dance Moms” syndrome, as people feel more competitive the harder people will fight by whatever means necessary to stay on top.

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