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Well, this is now the third day of snow in a row, and the two to four inches the were predicting has turned into this:


Which if you ask me (since I was out in it with the dog), is more than a foot and still coming down. There is a road in that photo, could you find it? no, me neither and i know where it is. Ugh.

So we (my husband who is working from home, the dog and I) are stuck in the house, luckily, the hubs is on a conference call that sounds like it will go on most of the day and the dog has a full day of napping in her day planner, so I am free to work my booty off on the quilts that I need to get done. I sent one out yesterday morning, finished a top last night:


So only 2 1/2 more to go! Well, that is before I can start finishing the one for my niece’s birthday this month. 🙂 I had to make a mad dash yesterday to find an embroiderer after getting ripped off by one randomly found on the Internet. I had to file a PayPal claim, but I am sure I will get my money back, even though it wasn’t that much, I don’t want to encourage people like that. They give us legit Internet sellers a bad name.

Well, I am off, heading into quiltyland for the remainder of the day, or at least until my husband gets off the phone and wants some food… 🙂

Happy Sewing.



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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