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Zen and the Art of Hand Sewing

I have found the zen in hand stitching lately. I guess this story starts a long time ago… As long as I can remember, I have much hated hand-work. I don’t even put buttons on by hand. I have tried machine tacking bindings down, and they have turned out miserably. Missing here, straying out of the ditch there, etc, etc. I started hand tacking bindings about 3 years ago when I made my mom’s quilt. I wasn’t any good at it and my stitches were chunky, clunky and showing. About 3 years ago I saw a great tutorial on hidden stitches and have been getting better and better at it.

As I was tacking down the binding on my niece’s quilt earlier in the month, my husband asked me if i could do that on my machine… Wouldn’t it save time? I immediately answered that I couldn’t do it right, but then remembered I have learned some really great techniques to machine turn binding. The God’s honest truth is that I much prefer the hidden stitches and clean finish, but I also like to do the hand stitching now… Woah.

With that said, I have three little finishes today. My first was some repair work. My perpetual puppy likes to rip apart anything stuffed, and she got ahold of my husband’s Batman Sock Monkey.

Once he was sufficiently doctored, I had to close some pillows that I made a LONG time ago and found a couple of weeks ago in my office clean-out.

20140130-125753.jpg They are finally stuffed and closed, and on my husband’s Beatle’s den.

My other finish was turning the bindings on 3 little mug rugs for the nurses at my husband’s Cardiac Rehab program. I think they need a little something to remember us by 🙂 He is graduating right around Valentine’s Day, so I felt these little patchwork hearts were appropriate on many levels.


All in all, a pretty productive day, and a great discovery of the zen of hand sewing.



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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