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Back In The Game

I finally got back into my studio today to do something other than wrap Christmas gifts!!  I worked for a little while on my Metro quilt, and I decided that it is going to be my nephew’s 3rd birthday quilt.  IMG_2323I had another pattern picked out, the same one I did for one of my other nephews, but I HATED the pattern.  I mean, I loved the quilt, but I hated the techniques and how it went together, so I decided not to go with that one, even though I have the fabric all bundled up nice together for it.

I know most bloggers are posting their goals for the year.  I have thought about mine, but I guess I need to take a little time to get them down…  I will do that now, I guess:

1.  I want to teach at least one class this year, I’m not sure where or how, but I want to get that in somehow.

2.  I need to find a new guild.  Mine is in the process of dissolving, and I am not going to be attending this year.

3.  Make a quilt for my Aunt.  She always gets me something great for Christmas and I never expect that she is going to do it.  This year she sent me a beautiful flower arrangement.  I not only have to send her a Thank You note, but next year I am going to be ready with something really nice! 🙂

4.  Make at least 2 quilts for charity.  I made 5 this year, 4 went to the Visiting Nurses, and 1 for an adopted family.  I also actually sent 2 to a family whose house burned down.  So from 7 to 2 seems like a bit of a let-down, but 2 were already finished and 2 were from fabric kits from my guild.

5.  Spend more time in my studio sewing and designing.  I spend time in there paying bills, wrapping gifts, watching Netflix, etc, but I want all of that to be out of my studio activities.  Since my husband went all out and got me a new laptop (blogging from it now), and EQ7 for Christmas, I really want to get the most use out of them.  I have a few ideas of quilts that I want to design, and I have figured out the basics of EQ7, so here I go…

6.  Make an apple core quilt.  Maybe it will be one of my charity quilts, and it will probably be scrappy, but I got the apple core die for my Go Baby! last year, and I am itching to use it!

7.  Finish Plain and Fancy.

8.  Moda Modern Building Blocks, I just want to figure out how I can do it from my stash. 🙂

9.  Buy less fabric, and not be afraid to cut the fabric that I do have.  I have a ton of fabric that I LOVE, so I need to just use it!

That seems like a lot.  But considering I made almost 50 quilts last year, I should probably be able to get them all in somehow, if only my dogs will just let me sew 🙂

Keep on quilting’, see you around the studio!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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