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I have my first finish of the New Year, and it’s actually 2 quilts!  I got an order for the Mario and Luigi quilts for a pair of twin boys who are arriving soon!  Nicely, I had ALL of the fabric for both tops and both backs already on hand.  I just had to make a run for batting (I really need to invest in a roll of it, I’m not sure why I haven’t yet!).  They were purchased by their Aunt (she’s got to be a cool chick!), and they were sent out today, well ahead of her January 21 deadline.  It’s a good thing, too.  If it had been no deadline, I would have put it off until after the 22nd, my birthday!

Speaking of my birthday, my awesome hubby is taking me away to our little getaway in the mountains, The Wentworth, next weekend.  I am so excited to spend 2 days eating yummy food, and sitting in the hot tub relaxing!  I am praying we don’t get a snowstorm next Friday!

I’ve stalled out on my Metro quilt, for some reason, I am dreading piecing the back.  Probably because I had no plan for it, and now I’ve got to actually piece something together, or maybe because I didn’t have any batting.  But that problem is now solved.  I got just enough for Metro and the Twins that just went out.  That is ALL that Jo-Ann’s had in my typical low loft cotton “Soft and Crafty.”  Again, why I don’t just buy a roll of it, especially rather than spending “By the yard” prices…  The backing, still not solved, still a mystery, just like what’s for dinner.

The weather here in New England has turned bitter cold and grey and abysmal.  Luckily, that’s the weather when quilting is most desirable, as long as you can un curl up from the couch with the dogs long enough to hit the studio.  I have been doing a fairly good job of it, though.  At this point, I only have 3 quilt tops yet to be quilted and only 1 quilt top in the works (my Plain and Fancy).  I will probably be starting another one soon as well as going through my scraps to see if I can get a scrappy Apple Core quilt in the works.  I got the Apple Core die for my Go! Baby for super cheap last year, I just haven’t had the time to use it!  I want to put a kit together for myself to get working on.  Probably to donate to charity.

Well, I’m off again.  Happy Quilting out there!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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