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Well, this morning started out rough, my husband got stuck in the snow on his way out of the driveway. Taking up about 60% of the road. We called roadside, the wait was 3 hours(!). We tried and tried, finally got it out after 2 hours.

My hubby finally got to work a little after noon.

When we were waiting, I did some quick cutting. I went into my stash and did a pull of some fabrics that I wasn’t in love with anymore, and got two Snuggle-Up tops cut. One of which is already put together.


For out of love fabric, it turned out pretty well! Plus, I love that pattern! You start with 10 5′ strips of fabric, see them into a tube, cut them crosswise and then rip out the seams in different places on each tube. See the rows together and you have a good toddler or wheelchair sized lap quilt in a matter of hours, no stretch to make a whole quilt start to finish in a day with this pattern. Plus it’s good for large scale prints, which I buy WAY to many of…

I am working on some destashing and doing some charity work, but in reality, I am procrastinating on basting my nephew’s birthday quilt. The basting is tough for me to get jazzed about. I am going to be snowed in this weekend from the sounds of it, so I will try to get myself to do it then so I can start my Moda Modern Building blocks.

Keep on sewing…



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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