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So I got month seven of my Plain and Fancy quilt done today.  I did it without Best Press…  Used my pressing board that can’t have liquid on it 🙂 And I think it came out pretty well!  Only 2 to go!


Plus I have all of the sashing stars and the appliqué cornerstones…  AHHH!  I think I will be doing it by machine using fusible webbing.  I will have to do them slowly, so that I can do a good job with them…  But at the pace of 1 a week, we might be at this for a LONG time! 🙂

Probably sick of it by now, but here’s the progress so far:IMG_0017

It’s coming along, and I am really happy with the work so far.  The next one is SUPER easy, so I might be able to finish it in 1 day even when the dogs are bothering me! 🙂

Speaking of the dogs, they are SO cooped up.  Our Pixel-girl is needing to RUN!  It’s been too cold for her to be outside for very long, bIMG_0020ut today it was around 32, so I let her stay out for a little longer.  The two of them were running around, Taco came in, but Pixel stayed out longer.  She was bored, so she head butted the door open trying to entice Taco to come back out…  When he didn’t, she grabbed my shoe, and ran…  Now, keep in mind we have about 5 foot of snow in our back yard.  The dogs have worn some paths, but in general, it is not passable by humans.  So I grabbed a squeaky toy and offered a trade.  Luckily she brought my shoe back and accepted my trade, then she ran around squeaking for another 10-15 minutes, thankfully, she wore herself out!

IMG_0019 Taco, the old man that he is, I think spends a lot of time just praying that his little sister will leave him alone!  He has only been out for about 10 minutes running in the snow, and now, he’s out cold!  He has not moved on his bed in my studio for at least an hour!  Pixel spent another while chewing and I think is finally asleep now, too.

I am even blogging from my studio rather than on the couch so I don’t disturb either one of them! 🙂  Dedicated dog mommy.

Ha, saying that, Taco just woke up so I can head to the couch and start tacking down the binding on Metro!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

2 thoughts on “Seven!!!

    1. I am doing it as a block of the month through a local quilt shop. It is available online, I believe. You might be able to convince your local quilt shop to do it as a block of the month. My local quilt shop had a great response, they filled available slots plus many many more!

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