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Another Day, Another Fancy

In my little bit of sadness over being one of the #quiltnon quilters  (Modern quilters NOT in attendance at QuiltCon in Austin, TX going on RIGHT NOW!), I have been ultra productive!  I finished month 8 today.  Only 1 more to go…  Oh and then all of the other stuff 🙂


I then rearranged all of the blocks into the order they will appear in for the actual quilt.  I am SO excited about how this is coming together!  I think it is going to be so awesome once it is done!  I counted 24 of the star sashings and 16 of the appliqué cornerstones.  That will be a while, but I will get there.


By the way, I am really sorry about my dark, not so great photography.  My studio doesn’t have the best natural light…  Actually it has a LOT of natural light but only very direct and at very specific times of day (sunset).  So my ability to take great photos here is not so good.  Someday I may have a studio where there are windows facing more than one direction, but for now, I’m happy in my little space unless I’m taking photos!

While sewing today, it is WAY too cold for the dogs to be outside, and they know it, so they left me alone mostly, I was able to get this whole block done (granted it was the least complicated).  I was also listening to podcasts, today I burned through two episodes of QuiltCast and I believe 3 episodes of Invisibilia.  I think I might be turning into a hipster, but I have totally been LOVING the NPR podcasts (Invisibilia and Serial specifically).  I should probably check out more, but I’m afraid if I do, I will be perpetually be carrying a messenger bag and sipping Malbec not from a coffee mug.  (That’s right I have been known to imbibe from a coffee mug, deal with it…)

#quiltnon strong!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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