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A Week!

So it has almost been a week again since I posted.  Tuesday was my last post from space, but it was a great day!  My hubby and I slept in (a tad), dropped the doggies off at “camp” (that’s what we call boarding to feel less bad about it :)), and headed into New York City.  We had tickets to a concert.  The concert was for The Neal Morse Band.  Never heard of them?  Well, if you’re into music, you should check them out.  My husband dragged me into the world of Progressive Rock and Metal music by the hair, kicking and screaming.  I have to admit now, though, that I like SOME of it (Spock’s Beard, anything that Neal Morse touches, including Flying Colors and Transatlantic), while some other things, I can’t really get my mind around (classic prog, and most of the prog metal makes me physically wince).

Anyway…  When we got to the city, we had to drive around the block at least 3 times before we found the venue (there was literally NO SIGN), and then we walked across the street to Chelsea Market.  What an AMAZING experience!  We decided to do a sampling of a few thing, we had some Korean Ramen, Some raw bar (hubby had oysters and clams, I had shrimp), a KILLER grilled cheese, and some amazing hot Donuts.  It was SO good.  A foodie’s dream!  We headed over to the venue, and stood in line for a little over an hour freezing our toes off.  Then the show was mind blowingly good.  It is amazing to watch real musicians play.  Still makes me more than a little jealous.

Anyway, it was a great day, and Wednesday after we collected the dogs and got home, we slept most of the day.  Our old bodies don’t handle getting out of routine very well! 🙂  I puttered, but didn’t get anything noteworthy done the rest of the week.  But we get to start all over again tomorrow!  I have 2 quilts on order right now (twin Mario and Luigi).  I am still working on my Plain and Fancy, and I want to start my Modern Building Block quilt this week…  I dunno if I have room on my design wall for both of those going at the same time, though! 🙂

Oh, one other thing!  I was reading another blog, sorry I don’t remember which one it inspired me to sign up for a couple of Coursera courses, one on design and one sociology.  One starts mid March, the other in May.  I am excited, especially since my husband is doing his MBA online, and has to study almost every night, I will have something to do now, too. 🙂

This week, more production!  Piece!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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