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Finally, some Pictures!!

I’ve mentioned that we have had a lot of snow this year, right?  I believe I’ve mentioned how difficult it has been to get out, around, or have a nice enough day to take some photos?  Well, the day has finally come!  I have seen a lot of quilt photos on the snow, so I decided to give it a try, I like the way they came out…  Sorta… 🙂  The snow is so high, I couldn’t get above the quilts to show the whole things very well…

Anyway, Asterisk was my among my last finishes of last year, I LOVE it.  I had it hoarded in my studio until about a week ago when my hubby and my dogs were hogging the couch quilts and I realized, I love it so much, I should be using it, not have it folded up in a pile in my studio!  So here it is:


Here’s a pic of it hanging off the snow so you get an idea of how deep it is around our sidewalk.


IMG_0026The quilt is a great size, it is really wide and not super long, so it covers the feet without a lot of unruly length that has to be dealt with, the back is a single ampersand fabric in two pieces, it is quilted with wavy straight-line quilting about ½ inch apart.  The binding is a light grey dandelion fabric, it was part of a different line of fabrics, butIMG_0025 I like how it softened up the darks and blended with the beiges.  All in all, I think it’s some of my best work, and I love that it came together from start to finish in a couple of days.  It was a joy to work on, I might just find myself making another one!

I looked back and I didn’t blog about this one while it was in progress or finished even once.  Granted, the whole process was quick (it took me 2 days to make the top and another 2 or 3 days to quilt, but I was shocked to see that I never blogged about it even once!  The funny thing about this quilt was I went to get some thread to do the appliqué the day I started it, I got two spools, I ended up going back 3 times to get more thread, because I decided to use that same color for the piecing AND the quilting.  I couldn’t believe how much I went through!

The other finish I have been blathering on about and never posted a photo of is Metro.  So ladies and gents, here it is:


This one is going to my nephew at the end of the month for his 3rd Birthday.  I LOVE it, too.  I hope he does as well.  I posted before with a photo of the quilting.

The backing iIMG_0031s leftover fabric from the front, some of the Lizzy House Constellations fabric I had left over, and a little bit of the ampersand fabric from the back of Asterisk!

Both of these quilts I think are my best to date.  I think my piecing and my quilting have turned a corner.  I know my piecing went leaps and bounds ahead when I started to use Mary Ellen’s Best Press, and the 505 spray has really helped my quilting.  I used it and a few safety pins to baste Metro, I used it solely to baste Asterisk, and I have one pucker in the top…  Although since I have been using it, I haven’t even noticed it.

So, those are my proud photos.  Hope you enjoy!  Now back to work with me!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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