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Little finish

IMG_0035Have I mentioned that we are going on a cruise really soon?  I don’t mean to rub it in, but I can NOT wait!  The last cruise we were on, we were issued name tags on lanyards, and it was so convenient to have a place to stow our room key so that we didn’t have to worry about it being in our pockets, so I decided to make us some lanyards for this sailing.

They have a few cool features that I want to point out.  for one, I have used a IMG_0036couple of awesome fabrics from my stash, one is from the Zombie Apocalypse line, and the other is from the Lizzy House Constellation line.  I made them in bright colors on purpose (the linens on the ship are always white), high contrast for easy location, I got clips for two of them, the two coolest ones on the bottom, and then I made each my hubby and I a back up (in case of loss or my sewing failing) plus the top one was my prototype that I stitched up first, I threw just split rings on the top three after I took this picture.

The making of these was SUPER simple, I cut a 1 7/8″ strip of fabric x WOF and then ran them through my bias tape maker, I pressed the tape in half, then sewed a seam up each side.  The end was the trickiest part, but only because I had to sew through a LOT of layers of fabric after I folded the ends up twice.  I know this isn’t a formal tutorial, but it’s pretty simple to get the hang of what I did.  Because I stupidly didn’t take pictures while I was doing any of the 5 of these!  duh…

Have a great weekend!  Hope you have some time for stitching!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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