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A Case of Low-P

You know how on all of the commercials for weird medical ailments, I have one, it’s Low-P…  The “P” being “Productivity.”  Don’t get me wrong, I have actually gotten a lot of stuff done since I last posted, but…

So last week was kinda a wash.  It was a 4-day week to begin with, because of the holiday, then I had a meeting on Thursday for Camp Create. So that brought us down to in essence a 3-day week.  I have a quilt on order as well.  However, over the long weekend, we went crazy on the house.  We redid our bedroom closet, fixed our dining room window sill, emptied the hot tub, did a major yard clean-up, and oh yeah, we bought new living room furniture.  This prompted us to think, w, hey, it’s really not that much work to repaint the living room, it really needs it! Oh yeah, and we need to get rid of our existing living room sectional, and there’s all this other junk in the basement and the shed, maybe while we’re at it we should… You know how it goes, right? So the junk guys came on Friday (now a 2-day week, actually 1 ½-day, they did an estimate on Wednesday afternoon), the house feels so much lighter, but we have no living room furniture. Saturday we got to painting. It went really quickly, we were done by about 2 on Saturday. But now there is NOTHING in the living room, it is all scattered about my kitchen and dining room, and severely in need of dusting.

All this to say my house, therefore my mental state is in upheaval right now.  Compounded by the fact that the last two days have been cold and rainy, I don’t want to get out of bed kind of days, this week has started out a challenge.  BUT, I am happy to say that I got most of my order quilt top done yesterday, I kept making mistake after mistake, but I persevered and I will have it done today if I would just stop blogging! 🙂

So that’s my story, getting so much done, but feeling like I’m spinning my wheels.  Now, I have to get that order done so I’m off quilting.




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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