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Goal Review

It’s creeping near the half way point of the year, and I wanted to take a little time to re-evaluate my goals and how I’m progressing toward them at this point in the year…  I gotta say though, I don’t think the results are pretty.  My totals are way down this year, and I’ve been too busy to quilt!

Anyway, as stated at the beginning of the year:

2015 Goals

1.  I want to teach at least one class this year, I’m not sure where or how, but I want to get that in somehow. I am actually working on this, it could be going better, but I have a foot in the door, my thoughts are in the universe, I’m paving the way.  Not as far as I would have liked to been at this point, but getting there.

2.  I need to find a new guild.  Mine is in the process of dissolving, and I am not going to be attending this year.  I have found a couple that I like.  I have to figure out which one is going to work best for me, right now, I’m also diligent about my MQG individual membership, getting as much out of that as I can.

3.  Make a quilt for my Aunt.  She always gets me something great for Christmas and I never expect that she is going to do it.  This year she sent me a beautiful flower arrangement.  I not only have to send her a Thank You note, but next year I am going to be ready with something really nice! 🙂  It’s picked out and kitted, now to get it started…

4.  Make at least 2 quilts for charity.  I made 5 this year, 4 went to the Visiting Nurses, and 1 for an adopted family.  I also actually sent 2 to a family whose house burned down.  So from 5 to 2 seems like a bit of a let-down, but 2 were already finished and 2 were from fabric kits from my guild.  Right now I have 1 completed quilt and 3 tops waiting to be quilted all for charity, and bonus!  I found the charity I am going to donate them to.  More on that coming soon.

5.  Spend more time in my studio sewing and designing.  I spend time in there paying bills, wrapping gifts, watching Netflix, etc, but I want all of that to be out of my studio activities.  Since my husband went all out and got me a new laptop (blogging from it now), and EQ7 for Christmas, I really want to get the most use out of them.  I have a few ideas of quilts that I want to design, and I have figured out the basics of EQ7, so here I go…  I am no longer paying bills in my office, my hubby has taken a lot of the bill-paying on himself, actually, and I have designed more, I designed a quilt in two color ways the other day.  My actual output has gone way down this year, but I am trying to pick it up again in the next few months.

6.  Make an apple core quilt.  Maybe it will be one of my charity quilts, and it will probably be scrappy, but I got the apple core die for my Go Baby! last year, and I am itching to use it!  I have it cut and started, I even used all scraps, so I’m excited to keep working on it.

7.  Finish Plain and Fancy.  I know, I blog way too much about this one, but it’s getting there, the blocks are done, and the sashing and cornerstones are cut and started.  It’s really not that much more I have to go.  Hopefully before fall this one will be done.

8.  Moda Modern Building Blocks, I just want to figure out how I can do it from my stash. 🙂  This one on the other hand is not getting close.  I bought fabric, and it’s pretty much kitted, but other than that, not started.  I’m sad about this and I’m sad because of the next goal as well.

9.  Buy less fabric, and not be afraid to cut the fabric that I do have.  I have a ton of fabric that I LOVE, so I need to just use it!  This hasn’t been going so well, however, MOST of what I’m buying this year is to go into a specific project.  I had to get backing for Plain and Fancy, I had to get fabric for my niece’s graduation quilt, I got fabric for Moda Modern BB, fabric for the wedding quilt I just made…  Plus I found a home for one of the kits that I purchased willy-nilly last year.  However, I need to do like a serious fabric fast.  I can do that.  I can start today. 🙂  Here I go

Let’s see how it goes. 🙂



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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