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Bandwagons…  I am going to be honest, I’m not one to be the first to jump on a bandwagon.  Even now, that I’ve said it three times, bandwagon seems to not be a word anymore…  Bandwagon, bandwagon…

Anyway…  I have been seeing on your blog posts, on Pinterest, on Instagram, this thing called Leaders and enders…  Leaders and enders, it’s all around.  At first, gotta be honest, thought it was dumb.  I ignored it, I thought, well, “I’ll never…”  whatevs, right?

Then I saw this Quilty video and I have to admit, I was still a little skeptical, but I grudgingly tried it.  HOLY CRAP…

Let’s just say, I ❤ this!  I am floored!  And I already have my first top IMG_2766done, made with blocks from leaders and enders.  I just threw the blocks together with some sashing and borders, and I had a bonus quilt, literally in an afternoon!  I have started using this technique any time I am chain piecing, and I can NOT BELIEVE how much thread I am saving.  For a baby quilt, I save a whole bobbin’s worth of thread.  Plus I get a bonus freebie quilt out of it!  DOUBLE WIN!  Ok, I know, a terribly geeky thing to be excited about…  But I am the GeekQuilter, right?  Ok anyway, back to the quilt.  This one I used left over charm pack pieces from a quilt that never was.  I was going to make a second version of round and round, but I wasn’t a fan of the first one, so that plan died out, I put the fabric back in my stash, and I grabbed the charm squares for my second set of leaders and enders.  I started with my comma mini charm packs that I had picked up a few months ago on super sale.  Those are in 4 patches still waiting for inspiration on how to put them together.

The other thought I had running through my head is that “I’ll never have a use for the 2 ½ squares that I cut my scraps into.  Well, this is the PERFECT use for them.  My 3rd leaders and enders project I took all of my blue and white squares out of my 2 ½” squares box and I now have a bin full of 2 patches ready to be pressed and made into 4 patches.  Which get pressed, and I think that I will make them into 16 patches and make a quilt from those.

Anyway, if you are skeptical about trying leaders and enders, just give it a try.  If you hate it, don’t blame me, but if you have been using spiders or a LOT of thread (that’s what I was doing) to start and end chains, you just might like this technique a lot.

In other news, our living room is IMG_2763DONE!  The furniture (well, except for the lamps) arrived on Saturday,
and it is SO awesome!  I love the color we chose and I live the way everything looks and turned out.  it was well worth the work and the week without furniture.

It is also, dog tested, and dog approved.




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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