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Coming out of the Dark

It seems I may be turning a corner with this bronchitis thing.  Thank Goodness.  I was going a little nutso, but thanks to a lot of reading, rest, and a lot of episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I may be pulling through.  As we speak, I am almost 12 hours medicine free.  That is my longest stretch in over a week.  The way I feel today compared to 1 week ago?  1,000,000% better!  I mean, last week at this time I was in the urgent care, so obviously, it was bad.

So what does this newfound freedom from the evil sick-germs gain me today?  But of course time in my studio and that time is being spent…  You guessed it?  Cleaning.  Ugh.  Has to be done, I know, especially after two solid weeks of ignoring this room save to throw piles of crap that didn’t belong in other parts of the house here.  So now, all piles have been eradicated and plans are being made for re-arranging.  I want to get my sewing cabinet free-floating in my office so that it is easier to wrestle quilts through, I don’t have to worry about hitting the wall, or trying to get far enough away from it.  I also want to turn my current cutting table into a pressing surface with some insulbright, batting and fabric, then it can serve two masters, cutting and pressing without sacrificing pressing space!  (plus it’s much wider than my ironing board, and doesn’t have the curvy part, even though it is shorter than my ironing board, overall, more surface.)

I also am plaining on paring down my library, I have SO many junky books that I have picked up because I was too nice to say “No” and because I didn’t have ANYTHING when I was starting out.  But now that I have been amassing books that speak more to my sensibilities, I need to get the rest of them the heck outta here.

The one last part of the plan I have yet to figure out, however is my scrap storage.  Right now, I have 2 systems.  One of them is from when I had no stash and was just starting, and didn’t have a system for fabric.  It is from before I started processing leftovers the way I currently do (2 ½ inch wof strips or 2 ½ inch squares, and strings) so who knows what the heck is in those boxes.  They are at least, however sorted by color.  My other piece to the scrap puzzle is a GIGANTIC cloth shopping bag that is now OVERFLOWING with randomness.  Big pieces, little pieces, I am not even entirely sure what, but everything less than ½ yard cuts (larger are stored on mini-bolts with my stash).  Ugh.  I loath the idea of going through this bag!  I scraped off the top layer to get scraps for my Apple Core quilt, but who even knows what lurks underneath that!  I guess I will have to just bite the bullet and process it all.  (Good project for a hot summer day, right?  Maybe next time hubby is washing records.)

I should be off, I want to accomplish something today, we’ll see where it takes me!




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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