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Quiet Sunday

I am sitting in my studio today, I have already hemmed a pair of the hubby’s new pants, but that’s it on the sewing front.  I have been on a tear to get these scraps dealt with. Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed.  There are a LOT of scraps.  I think that I have at least figured out what my system might be going forward (granted it might change, but for now, it might work…  Maybe? 🙂

So right now, my stash consists of half yards and over on mini-bolts and fat quarters on super-mini-bolts.  Everything else is considered scraps.  I have, for a while been processing down to 2½” squares or 2½” x WOF strips.  So anything less than a half-yard x WOF, I just cut down into strips, any strips (I do a lot of strip quilting) that are not WOF, I cut into squares.  This has served me well.  I have a box of 2½” squares that I have pulled from to do Leaders and Enders, I just picked out 2 colors (blue and white last time, I think Brown and Pink will be next), and go to town.  I have also been collecting strings and selvedges.

But there was always this weird middle ground, and stuff that wasn’t WOF.  So I took all of that (a HUGE reusable shopping bag full) and sorted it into BIG scraps (about a fat eighth or larger) and small scraps.  The large scraps I right now have separated into Warms, Cools, and Neutrals, but I have already outgrown those boxes.  Eek, not sure yet how that will work itself out.  Then I have 2 big bins of Small scraps, and right now, I’m waffling between processing all of those down and throwing/giving them away.  🙂  I think a little time might bring me some more clarity on that.

So right now, the job is half done after 2 days of working, and I’m getting the urge to move on.  However, I can’t stand when my studio is a shambles, I just can’t focus on what I’m doing.  So I know I need to see this through, but without the proper vision on what to do, I’m kinda stuck in neutral.

So I think separating everything into categories is going to be my best bet.  Right now I have one (or in a few cases 2) rubbermaid shoe boxes for each category.

Here are my categories at the moment:

  • 2½” Squares
  • 2½” x WOF Strips (2 boxes at the moment)
  • Strings (2 boxes at the moment)
  • Selvedges
  • Binding Scraps
  • Large Scraps (Cool)
  • Large Scraps (Warm)
  • Large Scraps (Neutral)
  • 4½” Squares
  • 1½” Squares (This may just become ticker tapes)

Plus I have 2 overflowing boxes of unsorted smaller scraps, a very tall pile of large scraps that won’t fit in the boxes (I am also out of boxes, did I mention that?), and a small pile of WOF that needs to be cut into strips/strings.  Basically, a mess. 🙂

My featured picture is the NICE looking pile.  There are a couple of much uglier ones elsewhere in my studio.  I guess just one pile at a time, right?

Back to work!

Piece (or in this case process scraps)



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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