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I got through my first (the smaller) box of scraps, I cut them all down to 2½” or 4½”  squares, anything smaller than that, I threw away.  I have gotten rid of 2 shopping bags full of ticker tapes and die cutting scraps.  Now just one more box to go.

I got an order a couple of days ago, so I pulled all of the strips for that.  They all came from my precut strips or from my stash (the background for that quilt requires about a half-yard of fabric).  I am psyched that I haven’t had to buy any fabric for my quilt orders yet this year.

In other news, I have started a secret project today.  It is going to be super awesome, I’m excited to see how this one comes together.  I spent a ton of time working with the layout, and I even put it into EQ7…  I’m still getting the hang of that, but I’m figuring some stuff out here and there.  I got the exact layout I wanted, so that is an accomplishment, in and of itself.  I also got the whole center section cut out today.  So now I’ve got some piecing to do.  I probably won’t get to share this one for quite a while (end of the year) so I will try not to talk about it too much. 🙂

Well that’s all I really have for now.  So…




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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