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It’s Slipping Away…

So I promised that I would get a post up recapping my 2015 goals and setting my goals for 2016, and I said as long as I got it up by my Birthday, I would be fine…  Well, my birthday is tomorrow, and not only have I not set goals for 2016, but I just BARELY looked at my 2015 goals…  UGH UGH UGH.  Time is going so fast this year already.  I keep moving from one thing to the next, but it seems like time passes far quicker that way!  So anyway…

Ok, let’s pull up those 2015 goals yet again, shall we?

1.  I want to teach at least one class this year, I’m not sure where or how, but I want to get that in somehow.  This didn’t end up happening, I was in the process of putting together a group of ladies to form a guild (see Goal #2) and teaching group, but it turned out to be more work than the other lady I was talking to could handle, understandably.

2.  I need to find a new guild.  Mine is in the process of dissolving, and I am not going to be attending this year.  Also didn’t happen, (see Goal #1).

3.  Make a quilt for my Aunt.  She always gets me something great for Christmas and I never expect that she is going to do it.  This year she sent me a beautiful flower arrangement.  I not only have to send her a Thank You note, but next year I am going to be ready with something really nice! 🙂  Now trending, “This didn’t happen either”, however, it is because I made a quilt for my Uncle, her husband, when he was going through chemo and radiation.  He keeps it on the end of his bed.  That’s kinda cute.

4.  Make at least 2 quilts for charity.  I made 5 this year, 4 went to the Visiting Nurses, and 1 for an adopted family.  I also actually sent 2 to a family whose house burned down.  So from 7 to 2 seems like a bit of a let-down, but 2 were already finished and 2 were from fabric kits from my guild.  Did it happen, I mean, technically, no.  I did completely finish one and I have 4-5 tops that need to be quilted.

5.  Spend more time in my studio sewing and designing.  I spend time in there paying bills, wrapping gifts, watching Netflix, etc, but I want all of that to be out of my studio activities.  Since my husband went all out and got me a new laptop (blogging from it now), and EQ7 for Christmas, I really want to get the most use out of them.  I have a few ideas of quilts that I want to design, and I have figured out the basics of EQ7, so here I go…  This I actually have done for most of the year, that is until I took my volunteer position at church, but now that it is slowing a bit, I can start to focus on a little more life balance.  I had been down to just Etsy work and volunteering, I can add a little bit of fun quilting and design.  I also made an effort to make my studio more streamlined for creativity, and not outside work with organizing my office stuff into drawers, etc.  Soon, my husband will be moving to his man-cave downstairs and we will be making his current office into a guestroom/office, so I will be moving ALL of the office-y things out of my studio and into the office (YAY!), so it should be even easier to keep my studio just a studio.

6.  Make an apple core quilt.  Maybe it will be one of my charity quilts, and it will probably be scrappy, but I got the apple core die for my Go Baby! last year, and I am itching to use it!    So I did start this.  I cut a bunch of Apple Cores with my Go Baby! from scraps, and I got about 2 rows sewn.  I also kinda realized how much I hated sewing curves, but now that I’m doing Leaders and Enders, I should probably dig those cut cores back out and throw them in my L&E basket.

7.  Finish Plain and Fancy.  This I am happy to say that I have finished, topping at least, I am still thinking on whether I should send it out to be quilted or try to quilt it myself.  I’m leaning toward the former, but have made no solid decisions as of yet.

8.  Moda Modern Building Blocks, I just want to figure out how I can do it from my stash. 🙂 Well, I only had to add a little bit of fabric to what was already in my stash, and I have actually started work on it.  However, I JUST started work on it, and I only have 2 blocks done.  I am doing it with all Fig Tree fabrics from a couple of different coordinating lines.  I am psyched with the fabric choices thus far, and I think the quilt is going to turn out beautifully when it is done…  Now to quit blogging and actually sew…  😉

9.  Buy less fabric, and not be afraid to cut the fabric that I do have.  I have a ton of fabric that I LOVE, so I need to just use it!  So by and large, I did not add too much to my stash that wasn’t for a specific project.  I did buy a few kits that were on super clearance right before Christmas, I gave 1 to my mom as a Christmas gift and kept the rest, but I those will eventually be gifts.  I do have two bundles of some killer stuff that I want to work into a quilt.  I just need to figure out some patterns!  I also have got to start buying smaller scale prints! 🙂  I always buy the large scale prints, and then I’m stuck with all large scale prints, so I can’t work solely out of my stash unless I do some big chunky simple patterns!

So seeing as I actually finished very few of my goals this year, what did I do, and what does that mean?  Well, for starters, I finished a quilt for a 3-year old, one for my Uncle, sold around 15 quilts, totally rearranged and revamped my studio and reorganized everything (which I am actually in the process of doing again), survived a snowpocalyptic winter, made a gift for my husband, and for a wedding, went to the World Series, and at least 3 distinct vacations.  Yeah, I guess I did accomplish a few things.

Next time, Goals for 2016.  I learned from 2015 that I need to make fewer of them!  More manageable! 🙂

Until then, Piece!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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