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5 Years and a Big Sigh

So, yesterday was a day I have been looking at on a calendar for several months…  Oh gosh, that day is coming up.  I have panicked, I have cried, I have been excited, I have been all those things at once.  Now that it’s over, I have been humbled.  My church is doing something big.  We are trying something, that I don’t know is being done in many other places.  We have a Food Program, not a Food Pantry, and I find myself as the coordinator somehow. 🙂  Well I thought that it might be a good idea to host a program that included a dinner last night.  When we firs planned on having it in like, October, it seemed like no big deal, I had plenty of time.  I had lots of ideas…  As the day came closer and I realized that there was more to go into it, I freaked out.  I tried to plan, I felt like I couldn’t plan, no one was coming, my helper dropped out, it was turning into a hot mess.

I could feel that this was a test.  This was a growth experience…  This was one of those steps that I needed to take and knew I was taking it.  I had to trust that this was going to be what it was, I also had to trust that God was going to make this work in the way it was supposed to work.  I knew that my trust, faith, patience, and resolve were being tested, and they were going to be stretched though this experience.  And all those things happened, but I decided to let it go, to trust that what was supposed to happen would, and it turned out better than I ever imagined it could.  So yes, it was worth it.  Hard, but worth it.

On a completely different note, today marks our little Pixel’s 5 year Adoptiversary.

She has been sleeping on the furniture since day 1, and we have the photo proof for it.  Pixel came into our lives two months after our first fur baby, Po passed away suddenly at only 2 1/2.  We were nervous about getting another dog, afraid she might be sick like our first one, but we needed to fill that hole in our home.  We were also passionate about rescuing.  Now that we’ve done it twice, we are COMPLETELY passionate about it.  We will always rescue from now on.  We are also sold on our Pibbles.  It was a great decision our little girl made 5 years ago to adopt us, I’m glad she found us.



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