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A Big Finish

Yesterday I finished the top of a big project.  It was a project I had done twice before, it’s kinda my go-to now.  I have posted about it here, here, here, and here before. This time, I basically made it twice, and sewed the two together so that it would fit on a Twin X-Long, so that if my niece so chooses, it shall fit on her college dorm bed.

I used a cool science-y fabric bundle from Gotham Quilts on a background of AMB #06-Grey.  My niece is thinking of going into something in the science/medical field, besides, she’s geeky like my husband and I are, so I am hoping that even though it’s not necessarily her favorite colors, that the subject matter will win her over.  This project is probably the biggest one that I have done to date, I believe.  It measures 66×108!

IMG_3456Please excuse the low-quality photo.  I had nowhere to put this huge thing besides on my bed, and as you can see, it didn’t fit there very well either.  The greens photographed “hotter” than they actually are, as well.  I was having this problem all through-out the photography process.  So next, I have to make a back for this monster and then long-arm it.  I have a half-day appointment for long arming next week, and one the start of June, I haven’t decided yet which session I am going to quilt this one in, it may all depend on what I decide to do for the back.  I do have my binding already, I’m doing the orange screen fabric.  I have half yard cuts of all of the fabrics left-over, so I might just start there, and go from there.  I know I’m going to need a HUGE back.  I also have to figure out if I can load the quilt long ways, so that the quilting goes up and down.  That’s my quilting vision right now.

I have 8, yes, that’s right, 8 quilt tops that need to be quilted right now.  So, I think it might be time to start the subscription long-arm quilting.  Especially since I have at least 3 more tops that I am going to make in the next few months.

So it’s time to move on to the next one!  Now to decide which one…





40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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