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A Couple of Finishes

I have turned and tagged two quilts since I blogged last.  My intention was to finish the top of another, but with Thanksgiving hangover looming large over my head, and with Christmas prep WELL underway, I just couldn’t muster up the juice to finish.  I did start, but then ran into hella math problems, so I quit and moved on to other things.  I will go back after the new year, we shall see if I get to it sooner than that.

img_0129So I finished my Christmas quilt, I called it Grandma T’s Christmas Baubles.  The colors remind me of the 50’s retro Christmas decorations I used to help my Grandma put up every year before she passed.  The modern style of the quilt shows them off nicely, though.  My husband wanted to do some colored lights on the tree, so the whole thing tied together very nicely.  Now to get some presents under that tree…

I also finished the one quilt I am giving out for Christmas.  For my mother-in-law.  It is the Mill Series quilt that I quilted over the summer.  I really like it, and I liked the img_0142-jpgway it turned out, but it doesn’t fit my style at all, and it will go pretty much perfectly in my mil’s living room.  I’m not sure if that’s where she wants it, but it matches so well.  That quilt was originally going to be a donation to a charity auction, but it fell through when I just didn’t have time to get it done.

As for the old puppies, they are starting to get their hibernation mode on, and are enjoying the early Christmas gift (a heated pad for their bed), very much.  Here’s our old fella, Taco warming his bones on it:img_0136

If I could figure out a way to get the electrical cords and the tag out of there, I would so make that my Christmas Card.  I think it’s so cute!  Well, I have 5 stockings to make.  What am I doing sitting here typing still?  Oh yeah, I’m avoiding making 5 stockings, that’s what!

Be well, Have a blessed season, and above all, Piece!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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