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And Back To Reality…

Well, it’s my first day back to work after the extended Christmas Holiday…  You think I’ve got it bad, it’s also my husband’s first day back to work…  He has been home since Dec. 23.  SO today was a bit of a struggle just getting back into the swing of regular life.  I have one order that needs to be sent out tomorrow, well it will be done tomorrow, I hope! 🙂  Anyway, it will be done soon.

img_0180We spent the extended “staycation” spending time with the dogs.  Yesterday we got the Christmas decorations picked up and put away.  We got time to enjoy, set up, and play with ou
r Christmas gifts, and were able to spend our Christmas money in whatever way we chose.  My husband, who became intensely jealous of the Apple Watch that the got for me, got one of his own.  And I got myself a Ukulele.  Excuse the mess in the picture, it is all cleaned up now.:)

Why a ukulele?  Well, I was a music major in college, and I have let that skill-set kinda fall by the wayside while pursuing the rest of life.  And yes, I spend so much time thinking and acting creatively.  I feel like sometimes, though, that working in visual art, in someways takes a lot from the creativity tank, and I feel like adding some other creative pursuits, including some music time back into my life/daily routine, I can add into the creativity tank, refill a little.

Other than that?  Well, I have been thinking about my goals, 2016 and 2017…  I haven’t made any concrete decisions yet.  I will, and sooner this year than I did last year.  I’m kicking around a lot of ideas, but I really want to grind it down to where I am setting goals that really further where I want to be going life and quilting wise.

I’ve got one other big announcement, life wise, but I need to wait a couple of more weeks to make it.  There are some big changes happening, important, not really exciting, but still super important.

So until then, Piece!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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