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So I realized late last Thursday night that I was rushing to post my weekly wrap-up, and it wasn’t Friday like it was in my head…  It was only Thursday…  Then Friday I was too busy/embarrassed to post a correction, so I let it slide.

Sunday I hit the big 4-0…  It was my 40th Birthday.  It was a fun, but somewhat low-key day.  My niece was here for the weekend, the last shreds of her semester break during her freshman year in college…  My husband, my niece and I did an Escape Room, which I LOVE to do with the two of them.  We did a magician themed room and escaped in 53 minutes!  We had so much fun and were so pumped to get out of there!  After that we got some BBQ, one of my all-time favorite food groups.  The day concluded with delicious cake.  I have to say over all, great day!

Yesterday, on my first full day of being 40…  A little more trying.  My niece’s Uber to the bus station taking her home cancelled at the last minute, so I drove her the 30 minutes in the lightly falling snow, and when I got home I realized that we were OUT of heating oil…  BAHHHHH!!!!  I didn’t want to have to adult so much on my first day! 🙂 Oil was delivered and after a few tense moments, I got the heat working again (vital in New England in January!) and we were back in business…

Then I woke up this morning to a really cold house…  Sometime during the night, the burner had stopped.  Very unfun!  So now we have a tech out here working on the burner at almost $100/hr…  Hopefully it’s something small!  Please!  Please!!!

So that explains my lack of posting and my lack of progress on sewing for the last few days.  Hope your adulting is going better than mine right now!

Either way, Piece!



40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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