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A lot of Posting and Fabric!

It’s a been working at a fever pitch this week.  After last weeks disastrous shopping spree put me in the WAY positive column for fabric, I wanted to make up some ground on using some fabric!  I have decided that when the assembly of a top or a back is done, that is when I will take it out of the stash.  Quilting, as I described here, is a bit of a dicey proposition for me right now, but it sounds like I might have some more interesting options than I thought.  We will see what happens in the near future.

img_0260Annnnnyyyywhooo…  My finishes for this week are the back and binding for my brother’s baseball quilt (a bit of a snoozer, but it was the next thing on the list and checked off four yards of fabric), and an order I had to mail out on Wednesday.

The big finish for the week is my Hazel Hedgehog top!  Isn’t she lovely?!  There are a few slight issues, but by and large, I totally love it.  I am especially in love with that blue lady with the glasses.    See her?  Her glasses are even outlined in matching blue satin stitch.  Next step, finish backing and then I am going to decide on quilting in the next week or so.

I have two weeks to decide on what I’m quilting next, I have an appointment on March 7 at the long-armers.  I think one of these I will quilt there, and one I will quilt on my home machine, but we will see.

I am OUT of my big roll of batting!  I bought it I believe 1½ years ago, so I went through 60 yards pretty quick-like!  I have to find another great deal on a roll of batting soon. 🙂  In other yet equally exciting news, this is my 201st post!  I don’t have a big readership, and comments are not hoping, but I really just wanted to start my blog to report what I was doing, and to help me remember my accomplishments.  And that it has done!  I like the space, and I like you, my readers! 🙂  Thanks for sticking with me even in my slap-dash writing.


Fabric in this week: 0 (yay!)
Fabric out this week:  14.375 yards
Net Fabric this week:  -14.375 yards
Net Fabric 2017:  10.675 yards

Finally,  the dogs are doing really well.  Pixel is all up to date on her shots, she got her Lyme booster, so she is good, YAY!  Taco, our old fella is hanging in there, we started him on Glucose for his joints, and it seems to be helping.  He seems to be a little more comfortable.  That it seems is all the news that I have for the week.  So until next time…




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

4 thoughts on “A lot of Posting and Fabric!

  1. Your Hazel quilt top is so very cute, well done. Congrats on making it to over 200 posts, I’m about to hit 100. I also find it helps me remember exactly how far I have come, and what I’ve made.

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