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Fabric Friday has come again!

Here we are again, fabric reporting Friday.  I don’t have any fabric in or out today.  So here’s the rundown:

Fabric in this week:  0
Fabric out this week:  0
Net Fabric this week:  0
Net Fabric 2017:  -.425

This week brought me trying to get some organization happening in my area.  🙂  I ended up putting a few storage cubes together as an “entertainment center” on part of my L-shaped desk.  The other portion of it is clear now, so I can use it for cutting or for computer work if I so choose.  I also went quilting yesterday, so my Hazel is now quilted, and the binding is sewn onto the front.

Currently, I have 5 quilts that need to be turned, 2 quilts that need to be quilted.  I am working on my “Ryo” top, but I’m having some serious problems getting motivated to work on that one.  Today it is snowing, it has been almost all day, but it just started sticking in the last hour.  Let’s hope we are not in for the 15 inches that I have heard that we could be in for…  That’s my hope, anyway.

This week also saw me making my reservations for my Spring Quilt Week courses!  I registered for 4.  Three on Friday, one on Thursday.  I’m excited for the trip, I believe we have all of our ducks in a row for it.

Hope for you that weekend brings some sewing fun for you!  As for me, cleaning and company! 🙂  So until I catch you again…




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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