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Fabric Log Friday

I am going to make it a short one today as I am working a 12+ hour day tomorrow for my town election that was postponed from Tuesday during the blizzard.  I do have some fabric to report, so let’s do this!

Fabric in this week:  11.75
Fabric out this week:  .208
Net Fabric this week:  11.542
Net Fabric 2017:  11.117

So this week I bought a fat quarter pack of fabric that I thought would look cool on an architectural-type quilt that I’m working on.  I also got 4 yards of donut fabric and 4 yards of NY Mets fabric.  The Mets fabric was on sale, I don’t have a specific use for it at the moment, but my husband is a fan, so I figured I better have it in case it goes out of print, plus it was on sale… You know how it is.  the donuts were, well, you know because donuts are yummy.

I actually did have a finish this week, but it was so small…  I only used 10 inches of fabric, I made two lanyards.  I’m getting everything ready for my Quilt Week trip, now just a little over a month away!  I’m very excited.  I made 1 usable lanyard and 1 prototype both using my bias tape maker.  I have clasps arriving on Monday, so I will make my real one then.  now to decide which of the pretty fabrics to use… 🙂  And before you ask, the donuts are too big, so no…  Right now, I’m leaning toward some Zombie Apocalypse fabric from a couple of years ago, and a geometric print…  Either that, or I will used some of the leftover Cotton + Steel from my Hazel Hedgehogs.

Ok, I must away, I have more preparations to make for my long day at the polls tomorrow.  Have a GREAT International Quilting Day/Weekend!  And until next time…




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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