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You’re not going to believe this…

While at quilt week, I took NOT A SINGLE PICTURE OF A QUILT!!!  Being my first time at Quilt Week, I was a little bit overwhelmed, and I wanted to REALLY soak in the experience.  I didn’t want to be bogged down by the camera, and I wanted to take in everything that I could take in.

IMG_0365.JPGWhile I was there, I did 4 classes.  A long-arm quilting class (I fell in love with the long-arm machine I was using.  Like, IN LOVE), an improv piecing class, a scrap utilization lecture, and a planning quilting lecture.  They were all excellent.

Pictured on the right, is some of my doodles from the long arming class.  I was the lucky girl who got her own machine!  No sharing!  Woo!  My project from my improv piecing I finished yesterday, that was pictured here.  My main focus was soaking up as much as I could from my courses this time.  I also got to go through all of the exhibition in the main hall.  I didn’t make it over to the dome, but…  There’s always next time!

IMG_0413After our time at Quilt Week, we drove to Gettysburg for a couple of days.  It was AWESOME!  We did the battlefield self driving tour, which was so cool.  We bought a CD at the gift shop, we drove around for a couple of hours after we looked that the Visitor’s Center, watched the movie, visited the Cyclorama.  All in all, it was a beautiful day and it was so cool.  We had such an amazing time.  The history and the scenery combined to just a magical experience, if you haven’t been there, and are remotely into history, especially Civil War history, drop everything and go now.  it is worth every moment.  Do it, DO IT NOW!

So fabric, right?  That’s why we’re all here?  Ok, first off, let me explain… *wink*  I bought a bunch of fabric for quilt kits because while I was on vacation, I sold two quilts, and I am coming to a point where my stash isn’t able to complete the kits needed for the quilts in my shop.  So I am going to make up a couple of kits.  Once they are kitted, I will take them out of my stash inventory.  I do have to figure out what I want to do with the 2½ inch strips in my stash.  Gotta get some strip race tops going, I guess. 🙂  Anyway, here’s the breakdown for the week:

Fabric in this week:  7.75
Fabric out this week:  0
Net Fabric this week:  7.75
Net Fabric 2017:  12.805

Since we’ve been home, our Taco has been my shadow!  He doesn’t leave my side if he can help it!  I know that he has some serious separation issues, but I don’t know what to do besides keep leaving them and always coming back.  They are doing well since we are back though.  Yesterday our Pixel didn’t move from her bed pillow, couch throne ALL day.  She’s a little more active today, but not too much…  She at least moved to a different couch. 🙂

This weekend, it looks like some rain here in New England, we have to do some serious detailing on the car from our trip mess, it also needs its first oil change!  We’ve owned it for about 2 weeks! 🙂  Anyway, I will probably not be able to get any sewing done over the weekend, because we also have some yard work to do besides the car detailing.  So until next time (maybe next week):




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