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Weekly Report

Hello Again, Friends!

I just wanted to write a quick post this week to do my fabric reporting.  This week, I finished an order for my shop and my first block in the 2017 Summer Sampler.  That is the fabric out this week, I counted ¼ yard for the Sampler Block, since it is going to be a longer term project.  So here are the stats:

Fabric in this week:  0
Fabric out this week:  2.75
Net Fabric this week:  -2.75
Net Fabric 2017:  18.555

The only other thing to report is that today I spent a large portion of today cutting out the entire top of my Weekend Fun kit.  Cutting is my least favorite step, but it’s obviously necessary, so I set up and watched TV while I was cutting.  It took a long time, but now, FINALLY, I can get to the sewing!  Yay!

Our weekend plans include cleaning and rearranging our bedroom, exciting, huh?  I’m doubtful that I will get any sewing in, so until next time…




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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