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I hear you!

By you, I mean the readers of my blog, the ones who talk back to me in my head, whether or not “you” actually exist, you exist in my head, and you talk back to me sometimes.  Crazy?  Yeah, a little, but I promise, it’s perfectly harmless.

So what is it that I’m hearing…  My numbers…  Last week, I shared that I needed to buckle down and start using, stop buying.  WELL…  That didn’t really happen this week.  I am up again this week in fabric.  But I also had a finish this week, so it’s not quite as bad as it could be! 🙂  Let’s see the break-down.

Fabric in this week:  15.75
Fabric out this week:  9.5
Net Fabric this week:  6.25
Net Fabric 2017:  24.805

So how does it all shake-out?  Let’s talk about the ins:  I had some money come in on orders, and it was kinda burning a hole in my pocket.  Connecting Threads was having some sales, and there were a few things I wanted, namely Amy Gibson’s The Quilt Block Cookbook, and then I got a quilt kit that using fabric from a new line of theirs that am really crazy about.  I love the kanji fabrics.  I also got some farm-themed yardage.  Then I also got some yardage of the Cotton+Steel S.S. Bluebird, Basics, and Kujira and Star lines to put together into something fun.  That’s all the “ins”…

Lfullsizeoutput_1369et’s talk about the “outs.”  Last Friday, I pictured the “Weekend Fun” kit that I spent the better part of the day cutting.  This week I was able to put the top, back, and binding together, so that accounts for the lion’s share of the yardage completed.    My other completion is the pictured “Tilted Star” block for my #SummerSampler2017.

So yes, my trending line is still heading in an upward direction, and I have got some work to do to get my goal met of negative yardage for the year.  I will have to start planning some scrappy and leaders and enders projects!  This coming weekend is a long weekend, we will be doing an escape room on Sunday, maybe watch a few movies and do a bit of relaxing before the crazyness of the weekend really starts.  So until next time, enjoy your time, and




40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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