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I Just Didn’t Make it!

So, I would have normally blogged yesterday, right, but I was racing to get some fabric out of my stash, and when it came down to the end of the day, I just didn’t make it!  I was working working working on my Glass Half Full Quilt to try to be able to take the yardage out of my stash, 3:00 pm came and went, I was still working and when my husband called me at 5 to tell me he was on his way home, I was STILL sewing…  My day came to an end with no blog and no yardage coming out of my stash.  Hopefully that means a REALLY big number coming out next week!  Let’s do the numbers, and then I will fill you in on what all went down this week!

Fabric in this week:  1.458 yd
Fabric out this week:  .25 yd
Net Fabric this week:  1.208 yd
Net Fabric 2017:  26.013 yd

Yes, I’m up over 26 yards for the year at this point.  I’m hoping this is my high point…  😐  A girl can dream, right?  Ok, lets start with the bad news, I brought in some charm packs, that’s where the just under yard and a half came in.  I got two of the 21-count charm packs of Riley Blake’s Glamper-licious.  I spent a lot of time in my childhood camping, long before so-called “glamping” (glamorous camping if you’re wondering) was a concept.  We did the dirty, bathroom-less, outside shower kind of camping.  I even once washed my hair with rainwater running off the awning of my parent’s camper.  That was COLD.  Anyway, the fabric sent a wave of nostalgia through me, and I thought I could make something cute either for myself or for my mom and dad’s current RV with it.  I also picked up a charm pack of Benartex Mischief because it was the deal of the day and it was less than a buck.  Probably not the best reasoning when I’m trying to thin out the stash, huh?  Anyway, that’s the in.

fullsizeoutput_136fThe out was my #SummerSampler2017 block for this week.  It’s really not as bad as it looks on the right side there, where the green meets the center start, I’m not sure what happened in the photo.  I added a Cotton + Steel Basic print for this block because it’s the center of the whole quilt, and I was feeling a little fancy.  I liked how the dots look a little bit like little stars, how apropos for a star block sampler, right?

Also in the finishes column for this week, I got 2 quilts quilted on Wednesday even though I was super crappy feeling with a sinus-y cold-type thing.  I powered through and quilted my husband’s co-worker’s baby quilt and RYO!  It was a frantic pace for the 4 hours, but I powered through and got them both done, plus the binding put on the baby quilt when I got home!  I didn’t get the binding turned or either quilts labeled yet.  We will see how much I can get done this week.  I go to the long-armer on Friday and I’m going to quilt “Take Me Out” on the Statler machine.  A lot less frantic, I just watch it quilt. 🙂  Yay!  I also have to finish an order this week 4 things in 5 days…  Seems doable, right?

Back to Glass Half Full for a minute, the featured image this week what what I sent my husband in the midst of the frantic sewing.  I got all the way to the step where the top is all sewn together, I have to press it flat and put the borders on still.  I also have to figure out what I’m going to put on the back…  I’m down to donuts or guitars.  I think donuts might win out. 🙂

IMG_0482Our house chore for the weekend was to get our Guest room in order as we finally got the bed this week.  Here it is put together and made, our dog Taco wouldn’t jump up on it like he does our bed, he was trying to step up on it like he does the couch, but he couldn’t make it.  And yes, he always looks that sad, and no, he’s actually a very happy dog. 🙂  I tried my hedgehogs on the bed, but it just wasn’t quite big enough.  I think I have enough Cotton + Steel left over from it to make a big enough Fancy Fox quilt for the bed, though…  Add another one on to the list, right? 🙂  Excuse the mess, this was mid work while we were still trying to get the rest of the room straightened up  and then we got all of the cardboard and such cleaned up.

So that’s the update for this week.  Sorry, it was quite a bit longer than usual, but I guess I got a lot done this week.  Contrary to how it started on Monday (asleep all day, sick).  So until next week, keep cutting and






40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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