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Some Weird Findings…

So, I was looking through my fabric tracking spreadsheet this morning, and I noticed I was a week in the future…  I had a week that I must have entered the used in one week and the bought in the next week.  Strange, but looking back through my blog posts, I was able to figure out where the extra week came from and I got it all back to normal.  it must have been the last batch of Etsy shop fabric that I bought that I forgot to blog about right about the time I was sick at the end of June.  It’s all squared up now and we are reporting on the correct date!  YAY!

I finished a small top yesterday, it’s a so-called “ugly quilt” top.  I am trying to use up some of my 2½ inch strip scraps.  I was going for something completely different, I have another set that I may try to do my original idea with, I also have 2 sets of Christmas fabric strips that I want to do something with.  So, I’m trying really hard to burn through these strips!  🙂

These quilts, and a couple more of my finishes are most likely going to end up on my Facebook Quilt Raffle Page.  I set this up a couple of weeks ago, and have yet to put up a quilt, I set it up to destash some of the homeless quilts that I have made, but I quickly realized that I didn’t have any that were done that were truly homeless.  I have two that just needs the binding turned,  but these will add a big boost into finished raffle quilts.  The nice part is they decrease my stash, they are “free” to make (all from scraps), and they give quilts to people who want one.  I just want to figure out how to get paid for the shipping, I think the best idea is to limit to 15 entries, and charge $1 to enter.  That way the shipping is taken care of and they have a good chance of winning.

Anyway, the reason we are here, the numbers for this week:

Fabric in this week:  0
Fabric out this week:  1.389
Net Fabric this week:  -1.389
Net Fabric 2017:  -11.054

Over 10 yards in the negative is super exciting for the year, however…  I just ordered 20 yards of fabric.  I know, right!!!  Well, the reason is this…  My favorite online quilt shop was having a big sale (less than $4/yard) and I knew I needed some backings, so I got a couple of big (8 and 10 yards) cuts and when I put them in my cart, I saw I had the solids for the quilt that I need to make for a wedding in November (my “little” cousin). I don’t feel like looking up the real word for it, he is my first cousin’s son (I’ve always just called them “little cousins”, even though he’s only 3 years younger than me).  TIP:  So, I have this great wedding gift cheat…  I check the couple’s registry and get a feel for the colors they are using in the bedroom (the bedding is always a dead giveaway), and I make a quilt in black, grey and their accent color.  Theirs happened to be pale yellow, I have done a lavender and a turquoise in the past and they always look awesome!  Haven’t yet run into a situation where someone was using brown…  That could be tricky… 🙂  I would have to do brown, beige and an accent, I guess.  Anyway, that’s my big tip for the day! 🙂

Well, I suppose that I should head out, I don’t have any plans this weekend for sewing, but I might dig more into these scrap/strip quilts if I have some down-time.  Next week I have to start into this 20 yards of fabric that are arriving any day now.  So until next time, my friends always…






40-something quilter who likes to make her own patterns, and has a soft spot for really nostalgic geeky stuff from my childhood!

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